How Could it Have Been Worse? by Eric Peters

Trump is not starting to make Hillary look good, but he may be making her look less bad. From Eric Peters on a guest post at

Maybe it would have been wiser to just sit the last one out. Or even to have done like Khan in Star Trek II and – for hate’s sake – voted for her.

Why not, after all?

It might have turned out better.

Obamacare wasn’t going away in any case; I think we all knew that, deep down. The idea of the feds ever voluntarily giving back power once acquired is preposterous. It is a thing only fools and children could possibly believe in, like Santa Claus.


Under her, we would still have Obamacare, of course. But under him, we are now to be dunned $3,000 for each year we elect not to be “covered.” This will have the effect of turning hundreds of thousands of people – possibly millions – into debt slaves or “criminals” or both. A person – young, not much money or perhaps self-employed – goes “without coverage” (but not costing anyone a cent) for say five years and now he “owes” the insurance mafia $15,000. Will the government seize his bank accounts and property and dun his paycheck to collect it on behalf of the mafia?

This is what is meant by Repeal and Replace.

Instead of the so-called Individual Mandate, which belts us with a punitive tax paid to the governmentannually for failing to purchase coverage, we are to be dunned by the insurance mafia – backed by the government – if we elect not to be covered and two to three times as much.

That is the Republicans’ idea of a “market-based health care reform.”

Big corporations using the government to rob us. We might as well all be stamping out license plates in a federal pen someplace.

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One response to “How Could it Have Been Worse? by Eric Peters

  1. The Australian model of Medicare is similar to Obamacare and has been working for a long time. American problems may lye with the Mafia Insurers.


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