Degradation as Procedure, by Eric Peters

Are the police growing ever more violent? From Eric Peters at

Have you noticed that it’s become common – if not practice – for armed government workers to force people to the ground, knee in the back – guns trained on them – as part of seemingly every arrest?

Violent men, okay. They are potentially a “threat” to the “safety” of armed government workers. But what about men not violent? Women not “resisting”? Junior high kids?

They are being “taken down” just the same.

It is apparently part of the new protocols. Armed government workers have been trained to use what amounts to Shock and Awe (remember?) techniques against any indig – whoops, citizen – who even questions their authority – let alone resists it.

Here’s an example I found after all of 6 seconds of searching on YouTube.

Yes, I timed it.

The video shows the “takedown” of a motorist who, having been stopped by armed government workers – apparently was found to be motoring on a suspended license. It’s a whole ‘nother thing as to whether we – allegedly free people – ought to have to beg the government’s permission for a license to travel freely by car. The government having made it all-but-impossible to travel without a car.

In pre-car days, one did not have to have a permission slip to operate a horse – or a horse and buggy. The roads were common right-of-ways and it was taken as self-evident that free people had the natural right to travel upon them without begging permission or needing “papers” to do so. The idea that “public safety” demands that people carry around government permission slips is as risible now as it was then. A horse and buggy could run you over just as easily as a car and could be driven recklessly and by a “dangerous drunk,” too. The difference now vs. then is that people back then valued their liberty while today’s masses tremble in fear of risks which have always existed but are now neurotically obsessed over. And of course, value liberty as much as a fish pines for the desert.

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