So Deep It’s Sunk, by Robert Gore

If you strike the king but do not kill him, by definition your position is weak.

There has never have been a deeper deep state than the Soviet Union’s. It controlled everything: the military, intelligence, the judicial system, the rest of the government, the press, and the economy. It operated in shadows and darkness; there was no loyal opposition or media to shine the occasional light. Yet at 7:32 p.m., December 26, 1991, the Soviet flag was lowered from the Kremlin and replaced with the Russian flag. The Soviet of the Republics of the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union’s declaration number 142-H recognized the independence of the Soviet republics. Mikhail Gorbachev had resigned, handing power to Boris Yeltsin. The Soviet Union and its deep state were no more.

There are still lessons to be generally recognized from the fall of the Soviet Union. First and foremost: command and control doesn’t work. That’s a lesson US commanders and controllers and their media and academic fellow travelers ignore at their peril. They cling to their cherished vision of American life directed from above, with the infamous Deep State at the apex of the power pyramid, the ultimate string pullers. Recent maneuvers, however, suggest a Deep State so tangled in its own strings that any attempt to free itself will only make the situation worse.

A deep state operates submerged from public view. The US deep state had to emerge in its effort to topple Trump, an emergence that screams weakness (see “Plot Holes”). The ineptitude of the effort made the weakness that much more apparent. A claim that Russia had hacked the Democratic Nation Committee (DNC) last summer and then used Wikileaks to disseminate what it had hacked, all in collusion with Donald Trump’s campaign, was the cornerstone of this maladroit coup. It should have raised more eyebrows than it did that the DNC refused to turn over its servers to the FBI for analysis, and that the only confirmation of the hacking claim came from a contractor, Crowdstrike, which had numerous conflicts of interest, including that it was paid by the DNC.

No objective, scientific analysis of the evidence was performed until that of the Veterans Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS). That group forensically analyzed the metadata associated with the alleged hack. The speed with which the material was downloaded precluded an Internet based hack. The only way it could have been downloaded so quickly was onto an external storage device. That’s a leak, not a remote hack. It had to have been done by someone with direct access to the DNC’s computer system, which suggests a DNC insider, perhaps Seth Rich.

Alternative news site published the VIPS’ analysis and conclusions . Mainstream “confirmation” followed at the left-leaning With its cornerstone gone, the Russian collusion story collapsed. For form’s sake Special Prosecutor Mueller will fan the embers for the next few months, perhaps uncovering a technical violation or two of this or that inconsequential law, perhaps releasing some sort of face saving report, but even the most rabid anti-Trumpers appear to recognize that the Russian hack dog won’t hunt.

If this is the best the supposed all-powerful deep state could come up with, then the deep state isn’t nearly as powerful as supposed. The way this affair was handled buttresses that conclusion, because it opens deep staters to serious legal liability.

Before the election they thought they would be shielded by a Clinton administration, but now they’re wide open to prosecution for a number of possible crimes. There is the FBI’s dereliction of duty, not performing its own analysis of DNC servers and accepting Crowdstrike’s conclusions without further scrutiny. (It was apparently in bed with the Clinton camp from the get-go.) There are the multiple leaks to friendly news outlets of classified information. There are the intelligence reports with their damning and much-reported, but evidence free, best assessments and probable conclusions. Potentially the most legally troublesome: a cabal of deep state insiders concocted their story to unseat a duly elected United States president. That makes out a prima facie case of treason.

If you strike the king but do not kill him, by definition your position is weak. He can exact ultimate retribution and your head is in a basket, or he can let you twist in the wind. The best guess is that Trump will do both, depending on the specifics of each conspirator’s situation and which course will be most useful to him.

When California Senator Diane Feinstein says conciliatory things about Trump, infuriating her base, you know things have changed. As ranking Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, she has also joined chairman Charles Grassley requesting interviews with two high-ranking FBI officials concerning the discredited Trump dossier. She’s one of the shrewdest power players in Washington, a deep state stalwart. Her effort with Grassley and her conciliation aren’t magnanimous gestures from the bottom of her black heart. Rather she’s bending the knee; Trump has won the game of thrones.

When the major mainstream media outlets in unison condemn Antifa’s violent tactics, you know things have changed. George Soros, meet Donald Trump and the new order. The condemnations toss the latest kerfuffle about what Trump said after Charlottesville down the memory hole, and give Trump cover to do something about fringe violence in the future. The extremists are by no means finished; that wouldn’t serve anyone’s purposes. They’ll make handy scapegoats; you never know when there’s going to be a fire at the Reichstag.

There has been a tiresome litany of articles about Trump’s capture by the deep state, characterizing him as a puppet for the military and Goldman Sachs. Whatever idealism motivated his run for president is gone and he’s now supposedly just an errand boy. The commentators who bemoaned the firing of Michael Flynn dusted off their articles, changed and rearranged a few things, and bemoaned the departure of Steve Bannon. Poor Donald’s all by himself in big, bad Washington. Except he’s mowing down his enemies one by one (it looks like James Comey may be next), and he’s got the deep state cornered. As for his associates, if there’s one clear lesson from Trump’s life it’s that everyone—wives, employees, Goldman Sachs flunkies, generals, you name it—is expendable. Some of those he’s terminated in the past probably thought they had the upper hand.

Many of the same Trump-as-puppet commentators dusted off their articles bemoaning Trump’s bombing of the Syrian air base, changed and rearranged a few things, and bemoaned Trump’s Afghanistan escalation. Few of those latter articles mentioned that the Syrian government, with the aid of Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah, has turned the corner on quashing the rebellion, ISIS is on the run, and Syrian refugees are returning home. All of which sets the stage for the US to eventually leave Syria. Look for something similar to eventually play out in Afghanistan, and to go similarly unremarked upon.

Donald Trump didn’t risk all for the Iron Throne to let Goldman Sachs and the military run the show. He has allied with those power centers, but he’s calling the shots. Trump has allied with another power center: state and local police departments. He has given them fulsome, vocal support, encouragement to be more brutal, rescission of President Obama’s civil asset forfeiture rollback, and promises of more military gear. This is what one would expect of a ruler bent on consolidating his power—secure the praetorians. The Bill of Rights won’t stand in the way of sealing that alliance.

Trump’s supporters can’t believe their man’s primary motivation is acquiring power. Trump’s enemies, other than Senator Feinstein, can’t believe how good he is at it. Neither side will recognize the real danger until it’s too late. Legions of worrywarts fret that an erratic, captured Trump will go off half-cocked and press a nuclear button or do something else almost as stupidly devastating. What should worry them are the precise calculations and bloodless strategies of the most ruthlessly Machiavellian president since Franklin D. Roosevelt as he further consolidates and extends his power. Given present jurisprudence, nothing in the Constitution stands in his way.







48 responses to “So Deep It’s Sunk, by Robert Gore

  1. Great article as usual, Robert. I am sick of hearing those who despised Obama now cheering “their man” for similar actions as they proclaim their loyalty to the Constitution. It has reached the laughable stage, except it’s so darn frustrating.


  2. Thank you. As I just said over on The Burning Platform: “Trump has never given one iota of encouragement to anyone who thinks he’s a civil libertarian.”

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  3. Pretty solid case as far as it goes. What are your thoughts WRT the ultimate motivational bottom line: Cincinnatus or O’Brien?


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  5. 1 to 10 on O’Brien.


  6. When Obama and company’s crimes were foisted on us, we said openly to the left that their chosen path would collapse as one day someone other than “your man” would sit in office. The idiocracy just laughed, secure that they could rig/throw elections and prevent enforcement of laws against their chosen criminal operatives. Too late lefties, and the consequences will be real.


  7. What we must accept is that Trumps ascendancy was allowed by the deep state in error. This probably won’t happen again. We must destroy the deep state in the next 3 years. If not, all is lost. I personally think the destruction will require bloodshed…. a lot of ist. I would be surprised if we have the will for this.


  8. Damn fine piece of analysis Mr. Gore, damn fine indeed!!! And a SUPERB analogy. “..Trump has won The Game Of Thrones.” Absolutely brilliant 🙂


  9. Nam Vet 0331 Marine Grunt

    Trump is defiantly the one eyed red headed Jack wild card, the duel party table flipper, the bull with Teflon horns in the deep sewer corrupted crystal shop…but is he a modern day Cyrus and or the “He-Goat” of Daniel 8?

    I have no idea?

    Riveting slicing and dicing insight Robert!


  10. Trump is his name, snake oil is his game,
    A flim flam man seeking his fame,
    A stirrer of passions ever so keen,
    A lifelong liberal behind the scene,
    Conning the masses with populous bullshit,
    He has all the charm of a muzzi armpit,
    Using the persona of a gold plated dog turd,
    He counts on the gullibility of the unwashed herd,
    peel away the crap from this two bit charlatan,
    You may find a genuine dime store harlequin.

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  11. “If you strike the king but do not kill him, by definition your position is weak.”

    Worked out ok for me.
    – Vincent “Chin” Gigante


  12. i love how these sweethearts place the phrases in order..
    from Fake News to the Deep State – people in this country are so gullible!!!!
    the late great USA……..


  13. Labor Day 2017
    Interestingly, The Russian Communist Revolution was exactly 100 years ago 1917 and what ever happened to the Russian story of collusion, never mind! I suspect it was the damn Communists thinking Donald was reincarnation of the Nicholas. However, more interesting is the Soviet style government we have today in the US. The Soviet Union ended in 1991 not even making it to its 100th birthday, a mere 74 years of killing millions of people that did not keep their mouth shut! And China, the damn Communists killed even more, the only reason them are still around is because of US sold out our manufacturing to them! Labor Day USA. We may as well call it Communist Day. And that we are told is because of cheap labor! Labor on!

    “Nicholas II was a deeply conservative ruler and maintained a strict authoritarian system. Individuals and society in general were expected to show self-restraint, devotion to community, deference to the social hierarchy and a sense of duty to the country. Religious faith helped bind all of these tenets together as a source of comfort and reassurance in the face of difficult conditions and as a means of political authority exercised through the clergy. Perhaps more than any other modern monarch, Nicholas II attached his fate and the future of his dynasty to the notion of the ruler as a saintly and infallible father to his people.” (Butchered from my fav o rite Pedia, WiKi I CUT & paste) Not unlike the current political class we have today believe in the Devine Right of Kings, now gender ascendants be Queens and even fags which is of course to rule when it is their turn. Ellen? “Political legitimacy is considered a basic condition for governing, without which a government will suffer legislative deadlock(s) and collapse.” ELLEN!

    “In political systems where this is not the case, unpopular régimes survive because they are considered legitimate by a small, influential élite.(that would be the parties of the politics that tick me off.) In Chinese political philosophy, since the historical period of the Zhou Dynasty (1046–256 BC), the political legitimacy of a ruler and government was derived from the Mandate of Heaven, and unjust rulers who lost said mandate therefore lost the right to rule the people.” However, that has also been changed to Mandate of Climate Change (meaning political change). (Hint here> Atmosphere and Heaven pretty much describe the same thing in things we don’t know much about, ya know?) OK, I will spell it out as follows= Mandate of Atmospheric, anthropogenic, for the Devine Right of King to Rule even if them are Stupid, (human impact on the environment) worst then SMOD, Global Warming / Cooling / Changing, perhaps fooling class means of making money in our Soviet Style, Titanic, Colossal, FAILURE of government gone totally STUPID thinking having a Devine Right to FOOL! That Climate Change, in that we consent to still let them govern.

    Forward, moving left along the yellow brick road, as in we are not in Kansas anymore on no’s Toto. Also, the birth place of the B-Rack mans, momma, Stanly or so he says but similar to what would you do with a brain if you had one? I suspect his daddy was from Omaha. Yet no proof for all the sealed records of communist-ness, deflections for not answering the question>>> are you now, or have you ever been a communist? Pretty much, because nobody asked the question to his kingship and leader of the feeble, free stuff world for a time, who was that masked man? However, there are dots that can be connected, more on X later. Still Chicago his kind of town, gangland, Mooch US Gladius Cesar, perhaps too, Chicago politics?

    Labor Day, Chicago, unions, violence protests, it would seem that is a pattern there. Not too mention Hay Markets then and now. Isn’t that right Billy the child molester?
    In the beginning of Labor Day the favorite pasted time of Chicago is off course the violent protest of labor unions against the man, mostly police mans. This time the mean man was Pullman the Klepto Capitalist mania of his day not yet labor unioned up, still seen today in the dislike of Rupert Madduck, Waren Bufet, Billy gate of hell, Suckerberg. Too big the Bro Koch, lust for money to name a fee for disservices of Capitalists/Pinko Commies company town, store, yet rape benefit of Das Kapital, John May-nerd Keynes the aggregate of the con-summer socialist society. I have a question here. What happens in a consumer driven society when people do not have the means to purchase said consumer good and service? Yup, that’s right, the collapse of the Soviet Union! And we still consent to let them govern!
    “Workers across the country typically receive a Monday off to enjoy the unofficial end of summer and shop the sales.” Consumerism, Capitalism, and the all important fatting of sheep, or perhaps cows to the slaughter soon sold to cheap labor, the markets. But hay it was fun while it lasted, was it not, just ask you politician if rebellion is right for you?

    “But the history behind the day is far more dramatic and charged than this modern day observance suggests. US President Grover Cleveland signed the holiday into law just days after federal troops brought down the bloody Pullman strike in 1894. Indiana state professor and labor historian Richard Schneirov, who edited “The Pullman Strike and the Crisis of the 1890s,” told Business Insider that this particular strike proved to be a sort of “culmination” of the fraught debate over labor, capital, and unions in the 19th century. The setting for the strike was the company town of Pullman, Chicago. The Pullman Company hawked an aspirational product: luxury rail cars.” You may not recall that Jimmy Carter slapped a luxury tax on things over one hundred grand, that resulted in massive layoff of those that worked at the modern day Pullman plants which for me was Bellanca Aircraft the labor luxury of working for a paycheck gone as interest rate soured north of 20%. My first house was 14% interest. Can you say Savings and Loan?

    “The tension then escalated when Eugene Debs, president of the nationwide American Railroad Union (ARU), declared that ARU members would no longer work on trains that included Pullman cars. The move would be widely criticized by other labor groups and the press, and the boycott would end up bringing the railroads west of Chicago to a standstill. 125,000 workers across 29 railroad companies quit their jobs rather than break the boycott.” (Surgically removed from>Businessinsider,<in part)

    Anyhow, happy communist day from Eugene Debs, five time candy date for President of the good old USA and founder of the Socialist Demo Crazy Party of that same old USA, damn socialists! At least he went to jail under the Alien and Sedition act for ten years (commuted by a commie)and then committed to a sanatorium for not having a heart. LOOK, I have no issue with private unions, only there leadership of fools; I have a YUGE issue with PUBLIC Unions. And the reason why is ELLEN, however, I don’t think she was ever in a union of any kind, which could be her problem. The problem being the enemies list, OH She It, that was supposed to be Emilie’s List. Now usually I make no distinction between the damn Communist and the Damn Socialists, because there isn’t any. Ellen Malcolm, the group's name is an acronym for "Early Money Is Like Yeast", Malcolm commenting that "it makes the dough rise". That is a really good reason why voting will not solve anything it only gives them more books to cook by crooks. The saying is a reference to a convention of political fundraising: that receiving lots of donations early in a race is helpful in attracting subsequent donors. That is called a PAC which is IRS non-taxable. See the problem here? Give your money to taxes for more on of the insane, or the politician that will give them more of the same insanity. Now Ellen is an effete snob, the Margret Sanger of our day, among other things of common cause, purpose and off course core of the left being totally without any sort of conscience, except if it can be purchase deceptively with daddies money. Oh, did I mention She it is an heir to an IBM fortune? And not only that but, she it has a degree, Experimental Psychology (1969)

    Experimental Psychology (1969), well long story short, she has ways of manufactured manipulation and money removal from donor victims. Which is pretty much, give me money or else, they will elect the Donald, POTUS and then what? Then them will have to have a real revolution just like they did way back in 1917.

    If you would like to discuss Boomers and perhaps a few pre-boomers, Ellen, Patty Hurst, Willy Ayres, and all of the 1960-ish radical rascal the new American Red Guard pretty much is all of the 1960s counterculture of rejects of just about everything in American idealism, sans morality trade for Bohemianism gave US the Hippy Dippy weatherman, underground to outright theft of not only daddies money but, the theft of a nation. You see, these were all the really smart kids that had the means to be mean and daddies lawyers to back them up, then go on to overthrow the US Government, by hook and crook, and of course experimental Psychology along with the sub sliminess of Norman Lear’s subliminal messaging, Interestingly if it were not for the Free Love of the pre baby boomers (1941-1961), there would be n o boomer, ya know? But it was a different time then, I suppose, the big war and all of that, that we won. So, I guess, we have to blame the Greatest Generation for having kids and producing the Communist Revolution in the good old USA.

    Now you may ask what that has to do with Malcolm Little (X) rejection of his slave name, among others, has well Joe x. But before I get to that, the Joe part, let US discuss the X, shall we? Oh Tay we will. But, before we get to that, an observation on the civil rights movement and differing protest of the time. That being, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King as well as others had some different ideas for the means to the ends of civil rights seemingly to pull people up by them bootstraps to become independent and perhaps wealthy. What I don’t understand is why it was wasted when most everyone previous were not exactly wealthy, but did work to support their families and mostly Christians rightfully so protested the inequities. Like I said before it was a different time. Segregation was a thing of the times when people rejected others that was not like them, mostly by color. But it was not just color. It was place, as in not knowing, or rejecting ones place in society and I can tell you a few stories about being a poor white boy of rejection and you won’t amount to anything, perhaps them were right? I don’t know.

    The whole idea was equality and equal rights, it would seem today that never happened, except perhaps lip service and affirmative action. Why did that segment of our population end up in large majority on the welfare rolls? Did MLK say I have a dream that you should be on welfare for the rest of your lives? Did Malcolm X expect the next generation to be gangbangers and basketball players? I don’t think so, I think he had something more in mind, perhaps both wanted equal education and equal opportunity. Even if Malcolm did think white people were the problem in his early years in prison, I do think in later years, what he wanted was the black population independent and to prosper. Then again there was not much welfare before then when LBJ, said we’ll have them voting demo crazy for the next two hundred years. And how did he intend to do that? The simple answer is welfare!

    Now you may ask why a white boy would talk about Malcolm X and his intension, as well as MLK. Well, I actually watched and heard what they said, these guys on TV, it was black and white only at the time, all we could afford, I read the newspapers and I might also add, read of Billy Buckley and off course the peanut farmer Jimmy Carter later on was too much to take, what a peanut brain. Then being the only white guy for time in an engineering squad at Camp Page Korea, the 161 engineers attached to the 4th Missile Command and race relations at the time was a major concern in 1972, but I got along OK. Malcolm died the same year as my grandfather of which I had a premonition about his death, I think both, I would also tell you about MLK and JFK and where I was at, I knew it before it happened. Anyhow back to the question why? It would seem “We shall overcome” went to a political party and the nation of Islam; now run by calypso Louie Faracan’t the assassins master. But, I suppose we still have the extortionist Jesse and the ever sharp as tack ton Al, not to mention Keith Ellison of the great mistake. But then we have a funny man too Al, too funny to know he is his own joke. Just an observation, it appears that counterculture of all the really smart ass draft dodgers little rich kids, mostly white and communist sold you out and such is the religion is that of submission as well, Islam, need I say communism?
    Malcolm may have been a racist, want to kill white people and full of hate in his younger years, but for some odd reason I respected the guy not because he was black but he stood up and I might say stood out. So, what happened was the democratic party of the KKK saw a voting base and corralled them. That is what happened and I might add Dick Nixon’s enemies list inspired the new left enemies list, Emilie’s List, however as far as experimental psychological list go to Ellen Malcolm and of course daddy’s money paid for it! Same for Billy underground weather man child abuser, Daddy was the top Dog at Common Wealth Edison, Tommy, can you hear me?

    As far as I know what is common among all humans, they all need certain things, water, food air, and such but even more so they all bleed red, regardless of skin color, which is not to say they are all Reds. However, you cannot tell by looking at them. What you can tell is when they have an enemies list, then, there is certainty. Actions speak louder than words, always. Looks are deceiving. Change happens at time instantaneously; just ask the people in Houston and surrounding area, resistance to change takes forever. The politics are even slower because of the enemies lists. Common Cause, Purpose and Core!

    Not so long ago, there was no internet, no cell phones, no book of face, or even socialist media. There were telephones with cords on them and just about everywhere; you could find a pay phone and not so much before that Bell Telephone that was busted up because it was a Monopoly, antitrust it was said and did, to what was called baby Bells. Anti-Trust, can you think or few today, such a Micro Soft, Google, Face booking and an endless list of enemies of the public trust? Blame the boomers for not knowing, Radio, TV (all three channels of ABC, NBC and CBS, not mention PBS, please note the BS in the last two of the trusted propaganda machines), newspaper and the telephone was all they had except for books usually written by communists. So, I’ll ask the question, where were you in 92 when the spoiled little rich kids got to pick Billy Hogwash because he had nice hair and said, “I feel your pain”, that was the end of the beginning. The end was who I call Berry Stiletto, Berry like fruit and stiletto like a knife in the back of America. Eight years of you can keep your whatever if you like it. Where was everybody then during the fundamental transformation, in a coma?

    Oh by the way, the X is because I no longer recognize the country I was born in. The X is for the Constitutional Republic is no longer; it is rule of lawyer, guns and money. And if think somebody is going to give you helping hand, you are sadly mistaken particularly when there is no political motivation to do so, the only helping hand is reaching into your pocket to steal your change you made from your labor. And if you think the election in 08 preceded by financial fiasco was just a mistake think again and again there is no hope for you. It was a well planned takedown and you fell for it. I started doing this in 2008 but I AM just some crazy guy that babble incoherently and I might add endlessly, simply because there is so little time and so much more I have to say. So have a happy communist day.

    PS, Zero H, So the question is, how do we combat the deep state and get our freedom back? The Rise Of The Deep State: How They Got Their Power To Manipulate For Ultimate Control

    Well, that’s an easy one in concept, it’s called OWF. OWF is of course Over-Whelming Force! It is that simple. I would suggest about 15 to 25 thousand in each state of mindlessness which would include all the behind the scene actors, engineers, CnC, and preparation for replacements in the event of the then what. The Then What, being the math after words. The then what is the force to remove those that need to be removed and systematic cut off of their means of being mean, by of course being mean to them. It may not seem so obvious to determine US from them if it were not for the fact them make lists, you simply go down the list and tick them off, however there are many lists in each and every state of deeply altered reality. In reality it will be the gun fight at the O K corral for control of weapons of mass dysfunction. That would be corralling the Das Kapital in said altered states of reality. Once that is done all hell will break loose if you don’t keep the feed bag on for while but with firm resolve, the reality check will not be in the mail at some point. In other words what do you do with three hundred million unemployed? The simple answer is, idol hands are the work of the devil, so let the devil do its work, ya know?

    So what about China, Russia, Iran and all the rest that would be more than happy to lend US a helping hand into an ever deepening state of depression, recession, and another financial fiasco set up that will result in war anyhow? To that I say, So What! What difference does it make at this point if some bad guys just want to kill some Americans? Obviously, we should return the favor. Keep in mind the dividing line is not Communist or capitalist, not even left and right, it is all in the middle and is the choice between good and evil not just here but China, Russia Iran and all the rest take the too deeply stated dysfunction to the cleaners, yup that’s right www. Three for freedom from for all said government diseased. I AM pretty sure in each of the before mentioned have a contingency of we want to see heads roll, we should help them.
    The new American Idealism works like this. You can keep your communists, if you like your communists, but them won’t be controlling or corrupting anything because them will be corralled, or perhaps canned, OK? Now you may be thinking there are not enough body bags. To that I say GLAD bags work just fine and them will make more. Ya’all gonna die anyhow, might as well do it taking a stand, instead of on your knees, but what about the women and children? And that is really the point is it not? Going hot, there is your climate change. O by the way, the Climate was created for man, warming up to the idealism is the Change.


  14. Joe x, it’s a comment section, not a book writing section. If you can’t say it in a few sentences, then just STFU. Robert, Ole’ as usual. It is a comfort to me that so much clarity exists like yours in one mind.

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  31. Did the Soviet deep state really fall? They may have jettisoned assets to assure their survival, but I think they merely changed their branding from KGB to FSB and still dominate Russian politics.


  32. I never heard of Mr. Gore before reading an excerpt of this column in the Beaufort Observer by way of Carolina Plotthound. This is one of the best analysis of President Trump I’ve read.

    I knew there was more to the man (and what is going on) then we see in the press, but this piece helps make some of what is going on make sense, and I appreciate that.

    Trump wasn’t my first (or second, or third) choice for President, but he’s far better than Felonia von Pantsuit would have been.


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