Cliché Series # 4: What We Do Is Who We Are, by Doug “Uncola” Lynn

Doug “Uncola” Lynn ponders the relationships between thought, action, and identity. From Lynn at

The impending winter makes fall a busy time. Even rainy days are spent finishing off an area of my basement before snow flies. Unknown until recently, Yellow Jacket wasps had been illegally invading, and illicitly breeding, behind the exterior border of my home; even creating a hive in the wall so large it filled a 30 gallon trash bag.  Once I noticed the excessive activity of the winged terrorists outside, I soon discovered the interior drywall had become discolored and soft. I speculate within another one or two weeks they would have burrowed through. This would have been extremely unpleasant, especially had it occurred in the middle of the night while we inhabitants were asleep, unsuspecting.

Whether working outside in expectation of winter’s desolation and cold violence, or working inside as the leaves and rain fall, while insulating, hanging drywall, fastening, taping, mudding, sanding, texturing, priming, and painting, I talk to myself.  I ask me how I could improve; and I curse out loud over the tiniest of my mistakes. I knew better, I tell myself. What was I thinking?  Why must this be done in just this manner? To protect and care for my family and my home, I reply. Do it right. But to whom am I speaking? And who is listening?

This is the duality of human nature that we all share.  It allows us to converse with ourselves.  The inner dialogue is never-ending; ceaselessly communicating back and forth.  At times, even tossing to and fro like warring ships at sea.  Dual forces light and dark, negentropy rising from entropy as logos and pathos rub on apathy in the constant friction between Apollo and Dionysus.

My inner battles are daily fought and often won

What I do, determines who I become

Although my thoughts flutter and sing like birds

My actions speak louder than words.

When considering any course of action, we definitely operate from within the construct of our beliefs.  This takes faith. For example, both logic and experience allows me to accept that wasps can sting; that winter’s chill cometh.  Therefore, I act accordingly. If I did not, then I would be known differently.  By my actions, you shall know me.  And so it is with everyone. The inner dialogue and analysis gives rise to belief, to faith in things unseen, to choice and consequences. The very words translate and transcend, taking on real shape and form onto three dimensions. On a global scale, the discourse and debate materialize upon vast seas of humanity roiling by winds of belief systems clashing in ideological storms and war.

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