How It’s Being Done . . . And Why, by Eric Peters

The government uses the same methods to get rid of both your civil liberties and your automotive choices. From Eric Peters at

By making “IC” cars impossible – legislatively – electric cars are to be made inevitable. In this way, the practical and functional deficits of EVs become irrelevances. Just as the Fourth and Fifth Amendments are irrelevant as a practical and functional matter.

The commonalities – the tactics – are interesting.

Naturally, they emanate from the same place.

In the case of the Fourth Amendment, the government simply decreed it had a “compelling interest” to override it at will, whenever it felt like doing so. The amendment’s crystal clear prohibition of any unreasonable search, absent probable cause wasn’t denied. It was simply swept away because it was in the way . . . of exactly the police state tactics those prohibitions were enshrined to forbid.

The EV Fantasy

Similarly, there is now a “compelling interest” to force-feed electric and automated cars to the public, which hasn’t asked for them. The analog of the Fourth Amendment impediment is the free market, which exists to prevent exactly such force-feeding (and profiteering, which always attends the funnel in the mouth, with the gun pointed at the victim’s temple).

Thus, the free market must be suppressed. In its place, a command economy – Mussolini (or Goring) style. The edicts about what shall be manufactured are decreed; price signals become . . . irrelevant. It is probably only a matter of a handful of years before there is an official Five Year Plan – complete with pronouncements about the overfulfillment thereof.

Electric cars have to be force-fed because there are not enough takers on the merits. It’s a simple statement of fact; no elaboration needed. If this were not so, the force-feeding wouldn’t be necessary. No one puts a gun to people’s heads to buy Starbucks coffee or for that matter, Toyota Corollas –  because it’s not necessary. They sell on the merits.

EVs don’t.   

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One response to “How It’s Being Done . . . And Why, by Eric Peters

  1. Insightful article, but the ’60 Lincoln illustration was great. Mussolini’s Fiats and Goring’s VW’s (at free market prices) will do, but gimmie a Lincoln anyday. Easter of ’66, I cruised all over Carolina Beach in a ’59. …Pink no less. Still can’t stand bourbon after that. That free market “Detroit Iron” Lincoln was a darn fine car indeed!


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