Sad Death of a Crooner, by Southern Sage

A different take on the coup in Chile that overthrew socialist Salvador Allende. From Southern Sage at

In the latest news from Chile, a kangaroo court has just convicted and sentenced to 18 years in prison eight former soldiers for the killing of Victor Jara, a Communist folk singer who was shot following the September 11, 1973 coup that overthrew the regime of Salvador Allende, the “socialist” president of that long, thin, country at the tip of South America.  One other soldier was sentenced to five years for his part in a “cover up” of the killing.

For one who has spent much of his life fighting people Like Jara, these “convictions” are a dreary repetition of many similar instances whereby soldiers and police officers who fought the Communists in Latin America are being hounded by their liberal and leftist enemies for actions taken under desperate circumstances.  In view of the looming civil conflict in America, it would be well for all of us to remember that a fight is not over until the last one of these rats and their sympathizers are put in a place where they are never again in a position to take revenge on their political enemies.

Imagine an America where the lunatic left has managed to seize power and then imagine the fate of those who have opposed their conspiracy to destroy our country.

Uninformed Americans have been spoon-fed a tale of a “democratically-elected socialist” government in Chile that was tossed out by a brutal military coup which was followed by the mass killing of innocent people, with the complicity of the CIA, Nixon, etc.  The truth, of course, is totally different.

The facts are that feckless, self-centered Chilean politicians allowed Salvador Allende to be elected through a minority vote.  Allende was the head of the Chilean Socialist Party, a party that was even more radical than the stodgy Chilean Communist Party.  Once the levers of power were in his hands Allende set up making sure that there would one man, one vote, one time.

Surrounded by a gang of vicious bodyguards and terrorists from the Movement of the Revolutionary Left (MIR) and a host of Cuban intelligence agents and special forces soldiers, Allende and his even more extreme supporters began to a calculated campaign to destroy the democratic system that brought him to power.  It is an old Communist tactic.  Allende set out to marginalize the Chilean middle class, neuter the military, and make his “fundamental transformation” of Chile irreversible.  Sound familiar?

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