Taming Swamp Critters with Security Clearances, by Aaron Hirschi

How President Trump can use security clearances as a weapon against his Deep State enemies. From Aaron Hirschi at americanthinker.com:

At long last President Trump finally discovered, thanks to Senator Rand Paul, the most potent weapon against large numbers of “swamp creatures” a.k.a., the abusive senior leaders of critical sections of the Federal bureaucracy.  Trying to fire a senior civil servant not appointed by the president is almost impossible and it often is a double-edged sword when successful because nothing stops them from publicly stirring up trouble after the fact.

However, if the security clearance rules are used properly, they can become the president’s greatest clean-up weapon against the “swamp.”  Clearances are a true leash that can keep otherwise disruptive executive bureaucrats to heel.

For the Trump Administration to effectively use security clearances as a means of preventing corrupt swamp creatures from abusing the system for their own ends, President Trump must not abuse this tool, either.  Otherwise, pathetic and impotent threats from Congress will become real threats.

To prevent such an occurrence, it is vital that both the Trump Administration and his voting supporters understand: 1) how security clearances work;  2) the myths commonly believed; and 3) why the senior civil service fears the loss of clearances.

For instance, not one article in the media that I found researching this article accurately explains clearances and or how clearances relate to Obama officials.  That’s not surprising given the lack of expertise of the media on most subjects most of the time.  This lack has provoked colorful comments based on inaccurate assumptions from the media articles and commentators.

The biggest myth is the public perception derived from these press reports that a security clearance is a get-access-to-all-secrets-free card, and that the government foolishly forgot to turn off the Obama officials’ clearances once they left office.  In reality, a security clearance has two components and the clearance only gives a person access to classified information when both components are activated.

The term describing the first clearance component is ‘eligibility’ and the term describing the second component is ‘access’.  In government rules, terms are critical to understanding a system and the media misuses the terms like “access” so badly that it cannot be known if the Obama officials still receive classified information based on the news accounts alone.

To continue reading:  Taming Swamp Critters with Security Clearances



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