Our Rulers’ ChiCainery, by Robert Gore

Iraq War Dead

John McCain is buried, may his philosophy soon follow.

Now they lay his body down
Sad old men who run this town

“Kings,” Steely Dan (Walter Becker and Donald Fagen), 1972

Novelists can align their stories with whatever deeper truth they’re trying to convey. Real life is seldom so neat, but the death of John McCain can neither be separated from nor understood without appreciating its symbolic elements. The mourning functionaries and hagiographic media that laid McCain to rest symbolically buried, without realizing it, the philosophy he so epitomized. Send not to know for whom the bell tolled, it tolled for what they so fervently believe.

John McCain venerated the state, of which he was a product. His grandfather and father were admirals in the navy. He was a graduate of the Naval Academy and spent his entire career working for the government. His philosophy was consistent: there are no constraints on the state. As was his ambition: the accretion of state and personal power. Championing government both at home and abroad, he achieved bipartisan splendor.

He never met a US war, actual or prospective, he didn’t love. (Although he sort of admitted after the fact that Iraq might have been a mistake, and he came out against torture.) His was the deciding vote against repealing Obamacare. That put him at the Olympian summit of uniparty bipartisanship: the indefatigable champion of the warfare state, the welfare state, the surveillance state, and anything else the state might want to do.

That is why the flags flew at half-mast, his body lay in state in the US Capitol, Democrats and Republicans issued gushing commemoratives, and the mainstream media flowed with his praises. Powerful people’s florid eulogies were the verbal equivalent of the military’s twenty-one gun salute. McCain was the exemplar of the uniparty’s only consistent principle: the expansion of government and its power.

McCain couldn’t have achieved the prominence he did if millions of American hadn’t shared his beliefs. An invariably wrong anti-prophet greatly honored in his own country, his vision is being challenged and undermined not at home but in foreign lands, many of which have suffered the depredations of McCain and his ilk’s “muscular” foreign policy.

If McCain the warrior had been anything more than unobservant, arrogant, and stupid, he might have noticed that nonstop bombing and unrestricted warfare were not “winning hearts and minds” in Vietnam. That slogan was only PR anyway, the military and political goal was always dominance and subjugation. Whatever the benefits of a successful hearts and minds campaign might have been, mostly unnoticed were the devastating consequences to the US of losing those heart and minds.

In modern warfare the invader employs overwhelming force: fighter jets, bombers, ships, submarines, tanks, artillery, and well-supplied and armed troops, or to use one of McCain’s favorite phases, boots on the ground. The invasion goes well. Instituting an occupation, installing a puppet government, and fighting the inevitable insurgency do not. The invasion loses heart and minds, the occupation and puppet even more, and the insurgency is off and running.

McCain, who never voiced an original thought or cogent insight in his life, failed to grasp the decentralization of cheap but effective means to wage insurgent counter-warfare: IED’s, shoulder-launched missiles, mines, terrorism, propaganda, hacking, the internet, and smart phones. It never seemed to occur to him that once someone loses a close relative or friend to your shock and awe, they’re probably going to be your enemy, sworn to harm you any way they can. It apparently eluded him that the “friendly rebels” he posed with in photo ops and embraced as regime-change agents would be friends only as long as the US supplied money and arms, but would shift allegiances on a dime, only true to their own ends. Call it willful blindness.

In his defense, and it’s a feeble defense, his myopia is shared by the US political, military, media, academic, entertainment, and business establishment. Those who don’t share it are marginalized, suppressed, or—for the sake of career and professional standing—keep their mouths shut. But myopia excuses far too much. Venality and corruption are at the heart of it. America’s endless wars reward its proponents and beneficiaries with enormous power and profits. Their five-star sendoff for prime beneficiary McCain is fitting.

Now US dominance is under attack. Russia and China press ahead with their consolidation of Eurasia and the erection of a multipolar order. They have both developed weapons for which the US has no defense, unless such defenses are a well-kept secret. Even satraps, puppets, and vassals are questioning their allegiance to the US government, its military, and its dollar. The US national debt asks no questions, but tells no lies. The numbers on usdebtclock.org for debt and unfunded liabilities spin ever faster, propelled by uncontrolled spending, compounding interest and a refusal to admit that our ends outstrip our means.

McCain’s death was as charmed as his life. He has departed before the empire he loved collapses under the weight of hubris and debt. It’s a story as old as empire, but the rulers of America either don’t read history, don’t comprehend its lessons, or believe that they, like McCain, will depart before the bitter harvest is reaped.

Now they’ve laid John’s body down, sad old men and women who run this town. Their sadness was feigned. One of the treasures exchanged for power is the capacity for honest and wholesome emotion. It’s all unbounded ambition, bloodless calculation, and reflexive insincerity. The “sad” is from the perspective of the wise and ethical. Many of the “mourners” are so warped, so corrupt, and so beyond redemption that they evoke profound despair among those who see them for what they are.

The “old” is real. The powers that be look and talk old. Their philosophy is ancient, tottering like Hillary Clinton falling into her van. For centuries, beneath the religious and patriotic dross, might wielded by central authority has made right. That philosophy and its adherents won’t go without an epic tantrum befitting the late McCain, but forces of decentralization beyond their control have been unleashed. The order they worship is Rome’s unaffordable, unmaintainable subjugation of its empire, undone by barbarians outside the gates and corruption within.

The future belongs to chaos as the unsustainable old order collapses. Someday an entirely different order and ethic, based on decentralized liberty, may prevail…somewhere.

This weekend John McCain has been laid to rest. Not, unfortunately, what he represents…but that will follow soon enough.

You Should Be Laughing At Them!

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42 responses to “Our Rulers’ ChiCainery, by Robert Gore

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  2. The ONLY politician to get a eulogy note from Lockeed Martin, says it all.

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  3. Very wise and introspective summation of the internal problems we as a country face…because of those of McCain’s ilk.

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  5. John McCain was a trusted front man for Those who advocate “perpetual war for perpetual peace(and for perpetual profit). Can/will he be replaced?
    Best article I have read on what and just who he represented.


  6. It was excellent. Will send some notes soon about the testing site tour.


  7. Remember the USS Liberty! Adm John S Mc Cain JR. was Command Officer in charge!

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  10. I deliberately avoided the disgusting McCain memorial news coverage treacle, but I was glad to read Robert’s well written rebuttal to the sickening statist propaganda.

    We should remember John McCain as the Father of perpetual wars, the best friend a military industrial complex could ever have, an enemy of the American people and most particularly an enemy of American veterans.

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  12. As an Australian of 60 odd years I have for the entirety of my life watched as those who control the power that is the product of the industry and ingenuity of the American people, have used it to spread death, destruction and misery across a staggering percentage of the surface of our planet. And where they have not dealt death, they have still managed to corrupt, intimidate and subvert governments and peoples. All justified by the most vacuous and wicked lies. McCain was one of these vermin. It is hard not to be bitter when contemplating such vile individuals, but compassion tells as that they are very sick and diminished souls.

    It is the especial responsibility of honest and patriotic Americans to challenge the legitimacy of the knaves and rogues that govern in their name, albeit as often as not having won their position by fraud, and to highlight their crimes. Such Americans of integrity and principle are deserving of the highest respect and their courage and goodness is an example for any person of worth, anywhere.

    This essay is not only beautifully crafted but enumerates some truly profound insights that transcend the everyday political or even historical perspective. They are timeless and as with everything of true value that humans achieve or express are imbued with spiritual potency.

    I read a lot on the net. This piece is in the top percentile for quality by all measures. Thanks to the author.


    • Thank you for your compliments on my article, which I find overwhelming, and thank you for your thoughtful and insightful comments.


  13. RG,

    Probably one of your best posts ever. Some quick comments:

    “Russia and China press ahead with their consolidation of Eurasia and the erection of a multipolar order.”

    Great money shot one liner. Funny thing is most Americans still believe they will be a part of a 3 way on top of a prostrate planet for centuries to come. While US Army recruiters are wearing high heels in college marches and the UK MOD is making cartoons to help welcome gays and muslims into a military social welfare program, I just saw a recent Chinese army recruiting video without a single woman in uniform in it and the men were busy shooting weapons.

    “It’s a story as old as empire, but the rulers of America either don’t read history, don’t comprehend its lessons, or believe that they, like McCain, will depart before the bitter harvest is reaped.”

    Part of this can be chalked up to late empire Hubris. In any case they will get to depart before the real reaping begins. Their grandkids will curse them for it.

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  14. “Now US dominance is under attack. Russia and China press ahead with their consolidation of Eurasia and the erection of a multipolar order. They have both developed weapons for which the US has no defense, unless such defenses are a well-kept secret. Even satraps, puppets, and vassals are questioning their allegiance to the US government, its military, and its dollar.
    So if this is True, how dangerous is Trump? How dangerous are all those who support and defend him? Do they feel cornered?
    Great article Robert, and thanks.
    And wow: not sure how many see nor understand this.
    The order they worship is Rome’s unaffordable, unmaintainable subjugation of its empire, undone by barbarians outside the gates and corruption within.

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  15. The analogy of the diseased corruption ridden old hag collapsing before her van, both the vehicle and the useful dupes, is fitting. It describes the utter hubris of these psychopaths where even to their bitter clinging ends of retaining power they will never if it kills them relinquish that power. A most fitting symbol of the State they have created and maintain.
    That these nasty old men and woman become more irevelent by the day to hearts and minds all across our land only fortifies their arrogance, proof of which is the doubling down in order to hold onto that order exemplifies what these creatures are.
    And what they represent, as a domestic insurgency of Abolition in the classic terms of the unmitigated disaster born from the centralized power Patrick Henry warned almost impossible taken back once given.
    The most recent regimes who served their terms in the Oval Office pre-MAGA represent the epitome of that centralized and regulatory tyranny facing the wrath of unintended consequences, the early stages of 4th Generation war on domestic soil, their hangers on and political muscle called the “deep state” executive corps actors, who I believe do not quite fathom, recognize the very insurgency they created at home, they created in the sundry nations they sunk their greasy meat hooks into for power and profit.
    I think 911’s purpose, among its many crisis’ as a means was to implement in disguise counter insurgency as is their want due to the nature of these Satan’s handmaidens to bring home the power and politics they ruthlessly employed on foreign soil. A second Clinton regime was to fulfill that destiny they share with McCain, their vision of Amerika as it finally should be. That he passed before their vision should have reached fruition is a most rude symbol why it has not all come to pass. Because of insurgency. Because a leader of dirt people, a Captain, got past those guarding all the doors and holding all the keys so easily. That the dirt people who where supposed to be shocked and awed into submission by the economic genocide of the globalists and their one world order slavery, after weaponizing all the instruments of executive regulatory tyranny, after opening the gates of Vienna to the brown hord, a veritable army of bible and gun clinging waged an extremely effective Orange Revolution right under the noses of the Amerikan Nomenklaturer class, the dirt people are not down and out by any standard of the McCain’s and Clinton’s.
    I think McCain’s funeral tells us much, not his passing and so much the passing of his line of unending treason, his funeral is a symbol by all who attended, and all who where calculatingly shunned, that the cabal is in great disarray, it’s leadership holds no effective positions of visible power within the centralized construct it has managed for 175 or so years. That this visible absence of illusion of all powerful legitimacy is in itself a destructive force within the cabal’s ranks. That it was possible because those they find so utterly deplorable had the unmitigated audacity and motive power to defy the cabal their birthrights of raw naked power, has thrown them into such a state of turmoil and angst, that without pulling off a whopper of a false flag event, successfully to the nth degree, which I think is no longer possible due to the revelations and truths how illegitimate the cabal is as public knowledge by a vast plurality, they have no instruments of power any longer to stage such a stunt.
    It is hilarious. Their re-aqua Siri on of power is predicated on a guy named Mueller, and his pals, and a political flea circus dressed up as a special counsel, intended to politically assasinate the very symbol of the defiance that got by these same gate keepers to begin with.
    But most of all, the cabals power, it’s illusion of legitimacy, depends on Consent of the very people they see as their slaves and subjects, where plausible deniability and political dissimulation once served disguised as revelency, now symbolize all that is wrong and evil amongst the hearts and minds of the dirt people, they so thoroughly despise with all their being.

    There is one dynamic which stands above the rest. I honestly believe in their barn blindness they can not see it, it is that they can not go back, the cabal, they can never hold power in the forms and ways before the age of MAGA. Too much water under that bridge. In their hubris they showed their incredible arrogance, they spit on us, subjected us to all forms of threat of force and use of violence.
    Don’t think for a second those brave ranchers, the Hammonds, Bundies, leVoy Finnicum’s execution on a lonely road murdered in a dirty snow bank in cold blood, Randy Weaver’s wife Vicky, and his loved son murdered like flies under a flyswatter, so much cold dead meat, or 75 woman and children, incinerated in Waco Texas, because the cabal’s regime of the day could not tolerate religious and dirt peoples Martial natural God given rights of arms, or the thousands of Mexicans, still slaughtered to this day by the gun running of two combined regimes working in concert to create their 94% narrative disarmament out of whole cloth false flag operation Fast & Furious. Benghazi. Lybia . Syria. Ukraine. Are we not all dirt people in these places, at these terrible events, our deaths sauce for the goose?

    And all of these and many more, and many more we may never know but can reasonably surmise, are mass murder for profit and power. That once you kill a dirt person to keep them silent, really, what’s 10,000, 1 million, entire civilizations, secular states, entire cultures old as the Greeks?

    We all certainly ain’t scholars of history. Nor masters of political science, Great sages scholars or stoics. But we are dirt people, and have a certain quality all our own. It’s called down to Earth. And after 218 or so years I think it’s safe to say we are back.
    And those sonofabitches who have created an unmitigated fucking disaster out of the best thing ever to happen to humanity, they aren’t going to regain power. Come he’ll or high water, one way or another us dirt people have had enough of this cabal’s bullshit. Trump is our Great Fuck You. MAGA is a murder indictment on the bastards.
    They got the opportunity to just go away, leave us be, no more fucking with our business, or we are going to exterminate every single one of them. Because the cold hard truth is if they don’t cut the crap there is no other way we can be free of them and their tyranny.
    That’s just the truth nothing more nothing less.



    Great article, Bob. I would only make one observation: Until Amerika crashes and burns economically, this will all keep turning, just like one big rusty Ferris Wheel. The whole disgusting, idolatrous McCain spectacle I have had to endure over the last several days is just another distraction from the true ills of this syphilitic society. The distractions will continue until there is no more Pepsi and Nacho Cheese Doritos. No one can predict when that will happen. Sad.

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  18. the (((MSM)) and ‘Murka’s (((Central Bank))) debt-bombed-into-submission political class adored McStain because he was the perfect

    shabbatz goy:

    not only a stooge for the warmongering Zionist neo-con wing of organized Jewry, but an owned property of Soros and the open-borders Tikkun Olas as well.


  19. Robert; Outstanding essay. The tale told and the prose utilized will stay in my mind for a long time. The idolatry given to such men is obscene.


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