Two Movies, by Luis P. Almeida

Pro and anti-Trumpers have diametrically opposed movies running through their heads about the outcomes of Robert Mueller’s and John Huber’s investigations. From Luis P. Almeida at

Oh, to have a dollar for every time one hears the word “polarized”. The image that comes to mind when I hear “polarized” are two groups of people on opposite poles of the Earth, frozen into their diametrically opposed views. We have not always been this polarized and perhaps a better image is one of two groups of people migrating to opposite poles like chromosomes undergoing Mitosis. It is hard to argue that this polarization does not exist, the big question today is whether our society is going to violently split or whether unlike cell division we will once again move back toward a common nucleus of reality.

Regardless of what happens next, polarization is so severe that it seems as if people are watching two different movies and then trying to discuss with one another the plot twists and turns. One audience is watching a movie being projected by the corporate, mainstream media and the other group one displayed by the “alternative media”. One group subscribes to a view of history taught in public schools and the other has a revisionist view that is based on a whole different set of sources and facts. These movies create our reality around us and the fact that we’re watching different ones is in great part the reason for the sense of division many of us are feeling.

This division manifests itself in many topics, but one of the most critical is the segregation between those that are watching the Russian Collusion movie versus the group that is watching the movie about the downfall of the Clinton Foundation, the Clintons, and the Obama DOJ and FBI. There are two key protagonists in those movies, Mueller playing the role of Trump’s foil in the Russian Collusion movie and Federal Attorney John Huber playing the role of stealth assassin of the Clinton Cartel.

The Russian Collusion movie is an art-house flick. Nothing much is going on, but there are a lot of expectations around how things will wrap up. The Clinton movie feels like a crazy science fiction story or modern-day thriller with lots of action, lots of character development, plot twists and shifts in character alliances. This movie reminds me of the recent blockbuster series Game of Thrones in which the audience is forced to accept the death of its heroes and suffer through having to shift attention to new players in the drama. The recent demise of Sessions and Mattis, main characters in this movie come to mind. As does the unclear loyalty of people like Cohen, Flynn, Papadopoulos, Page, and others. Some viewers even go as far to wonder whether Mueller might not turn out to be the savior and exonerate Trump. Now that would be an ending, wouldn’t it?

Regardless of which movie we are watching we can probably all agree that one way or another the two plots will unwind. The Russian Collusion movie will go through a period in which Mueller wraps up his investigation sending us either into a quick anti-climax or ending spectacularly in preparation for the impeachment sequel. The Clinton movie will have Huber step up and unseal indictments or fade away into a very disappointing ending for its viewers.

The main difference between these two movies is that the Russian Collusion one is acknowledged by everyone while the Huber one is being shown in very limited distribution with absolutely zero fanfare. Most people have never heard of John Huber while it is almost impossible to not know who Robert Mueller is. Yet, if the Huber movie plays out as those watching it expect then Huber will become a household name. How could he not if he ends up indicting some of the most famous people in politics?

Is it possible that there really could exist a reality in which the Huber narrative plays out? Well, we know he exists, he was appointed by Obama, resigned when Trump was elected and then reappointed by Sessions. He is a respected crime fighter from Utah who was tasked by Sessions to investigate the conduct of the FBI and DOJ at the end of Obama’s administration. Specifically, he was tasked with determining whether there was any shady business during the Clinton Email investigation and also to take a look at alleged Clinton Foundation “pay to play” schemes. Those closely following the Huber movie have seen evidence for a lot of very suspicious behavior and they hope that soon others will be forced to see it, as well.

To the other portion of the population watching Mueller and ignoring Huber, these facts are just politically motivated conspiracy theories. How could all of these events have gone on without the corporate media reporting on them? This group doesn’t believe anything unless a talking head on CNN, MSNBC, or Fox says it. The oddest part of this situation is that when one researches the Huber narrative one will find dozens of articles in corporate newspapers, but those articles aren’t included in the mockingbird media’s narrative. The information is completely disregarded perhaps because of confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance, but more likely it’s because that audience consumes the news as if sitting fireside listening to a story being told by their betters.

The chances of the Huber movie playing out and bad actors being indicted would be zero if the mainstream media were prosecutor, judge, and jury, but that is not the case. The investigations and the criminal proceedings are secret until a time of the prosecutors choosing. That is the time that the prosecutor, in this case Huber decides to unseal indictments and make charges public. The fact that a good portion of the population is not paying attention and that the mocking bird media is not reporting it is of no consequence. The wheels of justice roll inexorably forward once set in motion.

Yes, it is hard to believe that they have really started rolling, but it is also very hard for some to believe that Trump is President. It’s even harder for them to remember that the executive branch is the branch responsible for enforcing the laws and prosecuting crimes. Could it be that Trump actually wants to see those that have been attacking him prosecuted to the full extent of the law? We don’t know, but what we do know is that there are only two more years in his first term and that if he does not show his base that he believes in the rule of law he will not get four more. People aren’t chanting “lock her up” for nothing.

Regardless of how these movies play out, play out they will. The country will continue divided but it is doubtful that we will be existing in two different realities for very much longer. As Mueller and Huber do their thing and make their investigations public the narratives will be forced together. We might not like it, but we will soon know the outcomes. So grab a bucket of popcorn and enjoy the show or perhaps buckle up buttercup and enjoy the ride.


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