Big Conservatism: Anti-Founders? by Jack Kerwick

Many prominent conservatives praise the founding fathers, but wouldn’t run any of the risks the founders did or actually take action to promote the founders’ cause. From Jack Kerwick at

There are two features of Big Conservatism media (the Big Con) that figure prominently and unmistakably.

First, conservative talking heads are forever paying lip service to America’s Founding Fathers and, thus, the revolutionary spirit of liberty that motivated the latter.

Second, these same conservative talking heads never do anything but talk about the legions of abuses that are daily heaped upon contemporary Americans generally and, specifically, Trump-supporting conservative Americans.

More exactly, and what’s even worse, Big Conservative media personalities do little to nothing more than whine about their enemies’ refusal to fight fairly by refusing to holding themselves accountable for not liking conservatives!

It is worth bearing in mind that whenever some talk-radio or Fox News host prattles on about the “double standards” of “the mainstream media,” all that they are doing is complaining that left-wing Democrats in the media are unwilling to treat other left-wing Democrats as the Big Con would like for them to treat them.

Nor is there the slightest overstatement in the judgment that Big Conservative media essentially amounts to nothing more or less than this incessant whining, this Snowflakery.

At least the left calls for action.  Yet with the sole exception of calling on their audiences to turn out votes for the Republican Party, Big Con media figures treat as disreputable action of any sort.  Members of their audiences, fellow Republicans and conservatives, have routinely been victimized with violence for no other reason than that they are supporters of Donald Trump—and yet never has any Big Con commentator done anything other than wax indignant that their Democratic counterparts haven’t condemned physical attacks on MAGA hat-wearing housewives and adolescents.

Representatives of the Big Con insist that they are pro-life, and yet they use their media influence to do nothing but screech over specific revelations regarding Planned Parenthood’s dealing in baby body parts, say, or the Democrats’ support for “partial birth abortion.”

In other words, although they presumably believe that with each abortion the most innocent and defenseless of human beings is unjustly killed, the Big Con refuses to do anything other than talk about how bad the left is for championing it.

It’s not unreasonable to pose the following questions to the members of our Big Conservative chattering class, as well as the tens of millions of Americans to whom they daily appeal:

What would the Founders do if innocent men, women, and kids were being routinely set upon by thugs over political differences?

What would the Founders do if they knew that children in the womb were being slaughtered, to say nothing of being slaughtered as a matter of course and in the name of a right (“the right to choose”)?

The Founders were willing to sacrifice their “lives, fortunes, and sacred honor” in order to secure their independence from the largest empire that the world had ever known by the time of their generation.  The self-proclaimed adorers of the Founders on our airwaves find themselves in circumstances far more oppressive than any that the Founders faced with King George—and yet they won’t even call for boycotts and demonstrations, let alone violence in the form of self-defense, against predatory attacks.

On a daily basis, Big Conservative media would have its audiences believe (correctly) that by far and away the biggest existential threat to the United States of America comes from within, courtesy of the ideological left whose sole mission it is to “fundamentally transform” the country.

In response to this threat, the Big Con calls for…dialogue.  Big Con celebrities, like Ben Shapiro, complain that this Mother of All Existential Threats to America should respect his right to speak on college campuses.  The Big Con complains that this Existential Threat should desist from doxing, boycotting, threatening, intimidating, and beating on them and, instead, sit down and exchange ideas.

Another question:

Since the left is the biggest of existential threats, then it is a bigger existential threat than, say, ISIS.  But if the Big Con wishes to converse with the left, then shouldn’t it also wish to converse with the Islamic State?

Remarkably, Big Conservative commentators, even while reporting on violent attacks against fellow conservatives, proceed as if they were pacifists, as if there were no conceivable circumstances under which they could imagine violence on the part of conservatives in self-defense being justified.

Yet given the enthusiasm on the part of Big Conservatives for dispatching American soldiers to kill and die in countries around the globe, we know that they are most definitely not pacifists.

Big Conservative media celebrities, though, while making big bucks assuring their audiences of the toxicity of the left—even going so far as to refer to the contemporary political situation as a second “civil war”—never follow the logic of this line to its conclusion:

If we’re in a state of war—and we may be—then this reflects even more poorly on the Big Con than the foregoing suggests.  What it reveals is that while Big Conservative media figures have invested countless hours in print and on the airwaves championing the duty of our young men to sacrifice their lives (to say nothing of sacrificing the countless number of lives of those who our soldiers kill in wars overseas), they never ever show the slightest inclination to sacrifice a thing for the sake of fighting “the Second Civil War” in which Big Con commentators routinely assure us we’re mired.

Big Conservative writers and talking heads possess considerable influence.  They are able to organize cruises and other trips with members of their audience, as well as raise large sums of money for the charitable causes with which they involve themselves.  All of this is fine and good, and the latter, especially, is admirable.  But the relative ease with which Big Con media personalities achieve these feats proves that, if they chose to do so, they could organize boycotts (sanctions) of their adversaries in the Second Civil War.

As Glenn Beck proved when he alone arranged for the huge Tea Party rally on the mall in Washington D.C. years ago, the men and women of the Big Con could bring to fruition a series of similar rallies and mass demonstrations. These events could be held in the streets or outside the offices of politicians who regard as deplorable Americans who just wish to be left alone to prize and preserve their country.

And those Big Con media figures who make their livings calling out the left for waging a Second Civil War on its political opponents could spend some of that time at least reminding their audience members that the Founders who they tirelessly invoke were willing to physically fight when their liberties were threatened (and threatened by far less than anything that threatens our generation).

Violence is ugly.  It is a lapse into barbarism. Hence, it is something to be avoided if it is avoidable.

Fortunately, in the vast majority of instances, violence is avoidable. Sometimes, however, it may not be.  In the latter cases, violence is necessary and desirable as a response to predatory attacks, attacks of the sort to which some unsuspecting Trump supporters have been subjected.  And once leftist thugs know that they can no longer beat up with impunity those who they dehumanize as “racists,” “Nazis,” “white nationalists,” and “fascists,” once they know that they will be risking their very lives in the event that they so much as enter into “the sphere of influence” of a Deplorable, these “anti-racists” will think twice about resorting to violence.

Until Big Conservative pundits respond to the Greatest Existential Threat of Our Time, TheAggressor in our Second Civil War, in ways other than whining about the Aggressor’s double standards, the Big Con should be recognized for the money-making racket that it is.


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