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YouTube Goes On Rampage Against Conservative Accounts; Blames “Newer Members” Of Mod Team, by Tyler Durden

If people who don’t toe the liberal line think they’re going to catch a break from social media, they ought to think again. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

YouTube has blamed “newer members” of it’s 10,000 person fleet of content moderators for a virtual bloodbath of video takedowns, strikes, and account restrictions taking place across a large cross-section of conservative channels.

The Google division announced the new moderators in December, tasked with spotting said fake news, along with misleading or extreme content in the wake of a raging debate over the effect of propaganda and inaccurate reporting after Hillary Clinton’s 2016 election loss.

Google essentially responded to the crackdown on conservatives with “our bad,” after news of the mass censorship began to spread.

As we work to hire rapidly and ramp up our policy enforcement teams throughout 2018, newer members may misapply some of our policies resulting in mistaken removals,” wrote a YouTube spokesman in an email. “We’re continuing to enforce our existing policies regarding harmful and dangerous content, they have not changed. We’ll reinstate any videos that were removed in error.”

Some of the banned accounts include:

Anti-School, Bombard’s Body LanguageCharltonCharles WaltonDefangoDustin NemosDavid SeamanDestroying The IllusionRon JohnsonRichie Allen, and Titus Frost.

Those who were issued strikes, partial bans, or temporary suspensions include According to Joe, Blackstone Intelligence, BakedAlaska, InfoWars, Jerome Corsi, Military Arms Channel, and MrLTavern, among many others. –The Outline

Over the last week, The Alex Jones channel was issued two strikes – however the second one was mysteriously removed hours later, maybe due to on overzealous “newer member” who disagreed with Infowars’ politics.

And last August, politically incorrect University of Toronto professor Jordan B. Peterson found himself locked out of his YouTube account with no explanation before regaining access.

Considering that there probably aren’t a ton of red MAGA hats proudly displayed on top of cubicle cabinets in YouTube’s San Bruno, CA headquarters or wherever their moderators decide the fate of content producers, it stands to reason that their fleet of eager new morality police – perhaps some of them having emitted primal screams upon Hillary’s loss, simply went on a rampage against mean words and scary guns.

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U-Turn or Detour? by Robert Gore

You can’t drain the swamp without shutting off its wellsprings.

Disaffected veterans were the core of a group that would grow to millions, their “faith” in government and the people who ran it obliterated by its repeated failures and lies. Revolutions dawn when an appreciable number of the ruled realize their rulers are intellectual and moral inferiors. The mainstream media is filled with vituperative, patronizing, and insulting explanations of what’s “behind” the Trump phenomenon. It all boils down to revulsion with the self-anointed, incompetent, pretentious, hypocritical, corrupt, prevaricating elite that presumes to rule this country. It is, in a word, inferior to the populace on the other side of the yawning chasm, the ones they have patronized and insulted for decades, and the other side knows it.

Much More Than Trump,” SLL, 3/12/16

The election represented a triumph, after decades of mockery and defeat, of a voting bloc Donald Trump identified, validated, and vindicated.

Repudiating the elite and its supporting institutions—government and all its rackets, the media, academia, Hollywood—is the necessary first step to reversing America’s full-speed-ahead plunge into a Grand Canyon-size ditch. It has ruled America badly and corruptly, lining its pockets while maintaining its phony pose of moral and intellectual superiority. Trump is the decent besieged’s desperate call for a U-turn before the reigning establishment leaves the country smashed on the canyon floor.

Understandably, Trump’s supporters have celebrated their victory, basked in the establishment’s discomfiture, and mocked their foes. That a less-than-zero like Hillary Clinton could gain her party’s nomination (although she might not have if she hadn’t cheated), gain the endorsement of virtually everyone that “mattered,” and even win the popular vote (if the count is to be believed) gave Trump’s side plenty of targets and material.

Clinton and friends also gave Trump plenty of targets and material for investigations and legal proceedings. As SLL concluded in “The Rout Is On,” Trump has turned the tables. Russiagate fizzles while Uranium One, Fusion GPS, FBI favoritism, and Clinton’s emails and foundation sizzle. Last week, a judge ordered Fusion GPS to turn over all it’s banking records. It was learned the FBI is investigating the Clinton Foundation. The Justice Department reopened its investigation into Clinton’s emails. The FBI’s Freedom of Information Act officer said that every memo former FBI director James Comey leaked to a Columbia law professor was classified.

SLL has suggested, there won’t be a general swamp draining because Trump’s primary motivation is the acquisition of power. He will prosecute establishment criminality in some cases while using the threat as leverage against those who are useful to him in their present positions. That may explain why the Clintons and Comey are in the most legal jeopardy: they no longer have positions or power. Their prosecutions and convictions would be enormous victories for Trump, electrifying his base and further demoralizing the absurdly named resistance.

However, it would be a pleasant surprise to see Trump and team go after the entire swamp, offering welcome evidence that SLL’s hypothesis concerning Trump’s motives may be off base.

There’s an old adage in the securities business: you’re only as good as your last trade. It’s laudable and essential that Trump has his enemies on the run, especially if it leads to a swamp draining. That said, the next steps involve identifying the intellectual wellsprings that feed the swamp and taking the steps necessary to halt the flow. If those steps aren’t taken, the swamp will be half refilled by the time Trump’s helicopter reaches Andrews Air Force Base on his last day in office.

As long as Washington is a $4 trillion honey pot, as long as it sticks its nose in every important activity and business, as long as intervenes anywhere it wants around the globe, for whatever reason, it will be a swamp. Money and power feed the swamp. To not address the sophistries justifying that flow means that regardless of how successful Trump is, new swamp vermin will quickly replace the old.

The word “conservative” implies conserving something. What conservatives conserve, as well as nourish and profit from, is the ever-expanding federal government. Conservatives think small: a little less or a little more. A little less taxes, regulation, and welfare, a little more defense spending and foreign intervention. Fewer liberals in power, more conservatives. Republican presidents and Republican-controlled congresses have come and gone as the swamp has relentlessly grown. The current Republican president and congress have even managed to conserve Obamacare.

Looking at the mess Washington has made of America and the rest of the world, what would any rational, honest person want to conserve? Wouldn’t it be better just to blow the whole thing up and start all over? Isn’t that what’s necessary if you want not just to drain the swamp, but keep it drained?

Even as an intellectual exercise, ‘blowing the whole thing” up means asking questions that few ask. Why should the US be the world’s policeman? Does regulation do anything other than protect entrenched interests? By what right does the government steal from the productive? By what right does it burden future generations with trillions in debt and “entitlement” promises? Are central banking and fiat debt anything more than fraud and theft? Why should government have any role in the issuance of “money,” when it has every incentive to debase it? Do people have a right to keep what they earn, and in stores of value of their own choosing? Do people have the right to control their own lives? Are they to be forever tyrannized by government?

Both teams declared these issues settled long ago. Yet, as long as these issues are “settled,” so is the swamp, regardless of the progress Trump might make temporarily draining it. And as long as these issues are “settled,” so too is America’s impending plunge into the ditch.

Has It Been Years Since You

Read A Novel You Cherished?




Big Conservative Media: The Big Con, by Jack Kerwick

The mainstream conservative media is just as spineless and unprincipled as mainstream conservative politicians. From Jack Kerwick at lewrockwell.com:

In the era of Trump, Deplorables would be well served to rethink the high esteem in which they have held Big Conservative media, or The Big Con.

There are two kinds of Big Con pundits:

On the one hand, we have those who, after decades of insisting to the GOP base that the election of Democrats is tantamount to national suicide, not only failed to rally behind the GOP presidential nominee when his name was Donald J. Trump, but actively sought to sabotage Trump’s prospects both as candidate and as President.

These Big Con-men and women are now known as NeverTrumpers.  They have names like Bill Kristol; Charles Krauthammer; George Will; Peggy Noonan; Michael Medved; Glenn Beck; Ben Shapiro; Erik Erickson; Jonah Goldberg; and Rich Lowry.  They are nationally syndicated columnists, radio hosts, Fox Newstalking heads, and writers for such “conservative” publications as Commentary, National Review, The Blaze, and Red State.

On the other hand, there are those Big Con chatterboxes and scribblers who support Trump, but who, nevertheless, spent their careers using their influence to run cover for Republican politicians who betrayed their base at every turn, politicians who talked the talk of “limited government,” “conservatism,” “freedom,” and the rest during campaign season, while walking the walk of ever larger government and cultural leftism when in office.

In fact, these politicians—the Bushes, McCains, Kasichs, Romneys, Cheneys, Grahams, Rubios, and Ryans of our political world—are some of the very same Republicans who refused to endorse Trump after he received their party’s presidential nomination, and who continue to collude, even if by stealth, with Democrats, leftists, and Deep State bureaucrats to undermine Trump’s presidency.

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane with respect to both “divisions” of The Big Con.

The BIG CON: NeverTrump

These pundits have been wildly, epically wrong on virtually every subject to which they’ve spoken over the years. Whether it is the so-called “War on Terror,” the war in Iraq, amnesty, or Donald Trump’s political prospects, the track record of these “conservative” sages is quite literally incredible for just how blemished it is.

Due to space constraints, let’s look at what some of their most prominent voices were saying regarding the likelihood of Trump’s becoming the 45th President of the United States.

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Breaking: IRS Admits To Specifically Targeting Tea Party Conservatives – Obama Was Going After His Political Enemies, by Alex Thomas

It took years and mammoth legal battles, but the IRS has finally admitted to targeting conservative organizations. From Alex Thomas at shtfplan.com:

The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) has won a years-long legal battle against the Internal Revenue Service in which the agency admitted that it wrongfully targeted Tea Party conservatives, during the Obama Administration, specifically because of their political viewpoints.

In issuing an “apology” to the clients represented by the ACLJ, the IRS admitted that it was wrong to use the United States tax code simply because of an entity’s name. They also admitted the bombshell fact that this discrimination happened specifically because of the applicants political viewpoints. Keep in mind the fact that the mainstream media has spent years telling the American people that this didn’t happen.

In other words, outlets such as The Washington Post, CNN, and The New York Times directly lied to their readers and viewers to protect a Democratic president whose administration was openly breaking the law.

Surprise. Surprise.

On top of an admission of guilt, the IRS apology also included:

· A declaration by the Court that it is wrong to apply the United States tax code to any tax-exempt applicant or entity based solely on such entity’s name, any lawful positions it espouses on any issues, or its associations or perceived associations with a particular political movement, position or viewpoint;

· A declaration by the Court that any action or inaction taken by the IRS must be applied evenhandedly and not based solely on a tax-exempt applicant or entity’s name, political viewpoint, or associations or perceived associations with a particular political movement, position or viewpoint; and

· A declaration by the Court that discrimination on the basis of political viewpoint in administering the United States tax code violates fundamental First Amendment rights. Disparate treatment of taxpayers based solely on the taxpayers’ names, any lawful positions the taxpayers espouse on any issues, or the taxpayers’ associations or perceived associations with a particular political movement, position or viewpoint is unlawful. 


Finally, and of crucial significance, the IRS admits it targeted conservative and Tea Party groups based on their viewpoints (i.e., “policy positions”) and that such viewpoint discrimination violates fundamental First Amendment rights. This is the first time the IRS has admitted that its targeting scheme was not just “inappropriate” – as TIGTA found – but, as our clients alleged and we have vigorously and persistently argued for years, blatantly unconstitutional.

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Curse of the Woke Conservatives, by Kurt Schlichter

Once again the GOP establishment is proving its uselessness. Trump’s supporters will neither forgive nor forget. From Kurt Schlichter at theburningplatform.com:

So what does the GOP establishment do in 2018 when it comes before us dirty, nasty normals and tries to make the case that its members deserve being reelected to Congress instead of being tarred and feathered? After seven years of solemn assurances, it couldn’t even get its act together and keep its promise to put a stake through the heart of the abomination that is Obamacare. But hey – when Donald Trump kept his promise to undo DACA, that sure spurred the True Conservatives to action.

The deductibles my employees pay just went up two grand a year because if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor or something, yet that sort of real world pain for real world people doesn’t spur our righteous Conservative, Inc., stalwarts to action. But threaten to actually enforce a law Congress passed and cut the monocle-and-top-hat set off from cheap foreign serfs who will vote hard left if given the chance? Now that’s an emergency. All hands on deck!

Of the S.S. Conservative Titanic.

Republicans, you can be proud of me! I went to Washington, left Obamacare in place, complained that Donald Trump was mean to the liberals who hate us, and started down the road to amnesty, just like you wanted! And by ‘you’ I mean the Wall Street Journal editorial board, some fussy Never Trumpers on Twitter, and the GOP wonks who used to read Ayn Rand books while normal guys were kissing girls.”

 Boy oh boy, it must sure suck for you that we conservatives are now woke.Woke,” that hilariously dopey term used by semi-literate leftists when they sort of mean “aware,” is just too sweet a word not to confiscate and deploy on our own behalf. It perfectly describes us normals’ now-permanent state of agitated readiness in anticipation of the latest way the conservacreeps are going to try to shaft us. We’re woke, which means we’re watching, and more than that, we’re acting on our wokedness. That’s why Felonia von Pantsuit is busy pounding bourbon and writing books blaming Bernie and Russia instead of being busy purging that troublesome Bill of Rights of our troublesome civil rights.

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