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Turn The Page, by The Zman

It’s time for old ideas, and the old folks who espouse them, to die. From The Zman at thezman.com:

In America, what is called the political Left operates within a few modes of thought tied to seminal events on the Left. One if the civil right era, another is the Watergate era and the other is interwar Europe. All events are framed by this period. If they do not fit these models then they are usually ignored. Of course, their framing of these periods is cartoonish and absurd. It is all easy to understand heroes and villains, who are stripped of moral ambiguity and nuance.

What passes for the Right has always been an echo of the Left, so they have evolved similar framings. It took a while but the 1980’s is one of their primary frameworks for talking about current events. They are always looking for the next Reagan, Thatcher or Bill Buckley among the current mediocrities. Their answer to almost every issue is a slogan from the high water point of conservatism. Modern conservatism is a cargo cult where current members ape the members of the past.

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Reliable Conservatives, by Eric Peters

Reliable conservatives can be counted on to support American wars, no matter how idiotic From Eric Peters and ericpetersautos.com:


Lenin had his Useful Idiots – and so do we.

They are called “conservatives.”

Almost in lockstep, they have lined up behind Biden – and everything behind him – now that those behind Biden have brought out Putin. The Russian Bogeyman is almost as effective as “the virus” at getting “conservatives” to lick the hand of people like Biden and those behind him.

Putin bad! Ukraine good! It’s as simple – and as simple-minded – as that.

These idiots – with no grasp of history and no understanding of the man’s legitimate grievances, provoked by the Left they claim to oppose – will become very useful to Biden and those behind him, who will use the Threat of Putin to Democracy and Little Children in just the same way that the threat to granny posed by “the virus” was used – only more effectively, because “the virus” lacked the element of patriotic dementia, the disease which addles so many usefully idiotic “conservatives.”

This malady will be used to get them back in line, where they belong – where they can always be counted on to be whenever the flag is humped, often to the accompaniment of that odious anthem “conservatives” love so much about how “free” they are.

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The Democracy Disconnect in Canada Highlights a Big Mistake Conservatives Make, by Sundance

Most conservatives haven’t a clue how to fight an ideological and philosophical battle. From Sundance at theconservativetreehouse.com:

When the terms “freedom and liberty” are allowed to be defined as extremist sentiment, what you end up with are Canadian federal police beating people in the streets and arresting citizens who petition their government for freedom. Meanwhile, the ever fearful and politically correct conservatives in Parliament grasp their pearls while simultaneously cowering to avoid labels.

Somewhere there is a radical called Saul Alinsky, the trainer of modern revolutionary communists and political leftists – who dedicated his training manual to Lucifer, smiling as he watches the results of his teachings. Unfortunately, we have not yet seen the worst of what is to come from this.

Allow me to highlight the point with two easily referenced examples from Canadian media (infiltrated with ideological stenographers) and contemplate the larger message against government saying we must “defend our democracy” while removing political protest. Notice the evolution of the collective narrative in just a few days.

The word “freedom” is extremist (Feb 13) … Conservatives are “extremist” (Feb 18)

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The Failed US War In Afghanistan Has Sparked A New Generation Of American Anti-Interventionist, Pro-Putin Conservatives, by Rachel Marsden

There are many people in the US who share a fundamental belief with Vladimir Putin: the US should mind its own business, we’ve got more than enough challenges at home that we don’t have to go looking for more in far-flung corners of the world. From Rachel Marsden at rt.news via lewrockwell.com:

Twenty years after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, US and allied troops are finally leaving Afghanistan as the Taliban seem set to return to power. This failure has created a generation of conservatives opposed to US interventionism.

This week, when asked whether the US mission in Afghanistan was a failure as American and NATO troops handed over Bagram airfield to the Afghan army, President Joe Biden replied by citing purportedly achieved goals: “One, to bring Osama bin Laden to the gates of hell as I said at the time. The second reason was to eliminate Al Qaeda’s capacity to deal with more attacks on the United States from that territory. We accomplished both of those objectives. Period.”

Way to pretend to clean up the mess that you were responsible for creating in the first place.

Osama Bin Laden was a Saudi-born former CIA asset used as a proxy fighter against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan during the Cold War, as was Al Qaeda – both beneficiaries of US assistance against the Soviets.

The 9/11 hijackers were also largely all Saudi citizens. And while Bin Laden himself may be dead, the main problem hasn’t much changed. US ally, Saudi Arabia, has long since played a role in supporting other jihadists in the region, including the so-called US-backed Syrian ‘rebels’ in another American-led failed regime change effort in Syria.

And if there are fewer jihadists in Afghanistan right now, it’s only because the Taliban has been taking over the country again piece by piece as other fighters flee to other parts of the region – a sort of jihadist Big Bang.

In 20 years, the narrative against the Taliban – which never had any interests, terrorist or otherwise, outside of Afghanistan – has significantly changed.

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Libertarian Terrorists? by Ron Paul

John Brennan, the former CIA director who has escaped punishment for his role in the coup that tried to depose Trump, sees libertarians as potential terrorists. From Ron Paul at ronpaulinstitute.org:

The Department of Homeland Security issued on Wednesday a nationwide terror alert lasting until April 30. The alert warns of potential terrorist attacks from Americans who are “ideologically motivated” and have “objections to the exercise of government authority and the presidential transition, as well as other perceived grievances fueled by false narratives.”

The language used in this alert suggests that millions of Americans are potential terrorists. Second Amendment supporting, antiwar, anti-tax, anti-politics, anti-militarization, pro-life, and anti-Federal Reserve activists certainly have “objections to the exercise of government authority.” They are certainly viewed by the political class and its handmaidens in big tech and the mainstream media as ideological extremists. Anyone who gets his news from sources other than mainstream media or big tech, or who uses certain “unapproved” social media platforms, is considered to have had his grievances “fueled by false narratives.” For something to be considered a false narrative, it need only contradict the “official” narrative.

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The “New Confederacy”? Yes, It’s Time For Conservatives To Unite Against The Globalist Reset, by Brandon Smith

Secession is gaining critical mass. It has moved from the fringes to discussion and consideration in the alternative media and even some of the mainstream media. There’s no stopping a idea whose time has come. From Brandon Smith at alt-market.us:

The narrative could not be more transparent or obvious, but then again, the elites are becoming lazy in their propaganda and the leftists are not all that bright. Essentially, every time conservatives (or moderates) organize to defend themselves against communist or globalist attack we are called “Nazis”, brownshirts, populists, bullies, etc. Now, I would remind these people that if we were really going the path of the Sturmabteilung then there would be rampant intimidation and assault on leftists to the point that they would be afraid to leave their homes or even identify as leftists. Conservatives believe in self defense, not coercion and terror tactics.

Such actions are the wheelhouse of the political left these days. They are far better than we are at imitating Brownshirt behavior. The reality is that across the board the only people engaging in widespread censorship and violence are on the political left, yet we are supposed to be the “Nazis”?

Historically, there does seem to be a pattern here, though. In Germany in the 1920s-1930s communist groups were highly active and initiated street violence, riots and even assassinations. This lured many Germans in fear of being overtaken by a communist regime to support national socialism, the other side of the coin when it comes to tyranny. In other words, to defeat the communists the public supported the fascists, and the fascists ended up being just as bad as the communists.

If you study the investigations of historians like Antony Sutton in books like ‘Wall Street And The Bolshevik Revolution’ or ‘Wall Street And The Rise Of Hitler’, you will discover there is incredible evidence proving that BOTH the communists and the fascists were funded and managed by the same global elites. In other words, the bankers win either way because they control both sides of the game.

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Americans: Stop Assuming You Still Have A Country—Organize! by James Kirkpatrick

The America that once was is gone for good and it’s time to do something about it. From James Kirkpatrick at unz.com:

We’re already in the post-American age and arbitrary law enforcement, restrictions on free speech, and mob justice are just the beginning. There will be no negative consequences for those who destroyed American cities via misguided policies and Leftist protests. Instead, the government will center on the Dissident Right the same way the Soviets did on kulaks: as the “wreckers” that are the one thing that is holding us back from egalitarian utopia. American “conservatism” will not be able to respond to this challenge because it is incapable (or unwilling) to recognize that the problem we face is here, not in Moscow or Beijing. My views: for now, Americans must geographically concentrate, establish as much economic independence as possible, politically mobilize for universal access to government programs, and expand their autonomy as much as possible while new institutions and movements are created.

We’re getting a sneak peek at what’s coming with the clearly coordinated Main Stream Media coverage of the Proud Boys at the recent Stop The Steal rally in Washington D.C. Your tax dollars subsidized an article from NPR that said “the widespread embrace of conspiracy and disinformation amounts to ‘mass radicalization’” that will lead to terrorism [Right-Wing Embrace of Conspiracy Is ‘Mass Radicalization,’ Experts Warn, by Hannah Allam, December 15, 2020]. There were many other slanted stories about the violence accompanying the protests:

There’s an obvious question here. Who did the stabbing? Naturally, most of the stories don’t report it—they simply associate “Proud Boys” and “stabbing.”

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Just Walk Away, by the Zman

Why should anyone support the Republican party when Republican politicians won’t support Trump or battle against election fraud aimed at Republicans? From the Zman at theburningplatform.com:

If you are over the age of forty, you have been hearing, in one form or another, the argument that you must vote Republican to keep the Left from turning America into a socialist country. The pitch gets punched up with promises on certain issues, depending upon the audience, but the basic argument has never changed. The reason to vote for the Republicans is to prevent the Left from doing socialisms. About half the time, this is enough to win elections and keep the parties equal.

It is hard to pinpoint when this argument became the standard pitch for conservatives and the GOP, but the 1990’s is a good guess. After 12 years of Republican presidents, the degenerate Bill Clinton took the helm promising all sorts of Great Society style programs, like socialized medicine. Newt Gingrich responded with the Contract with America and the GOP took the House for the first time in generations. The reason is people wanted to stop those socialisms!

In fairness, from the perspective of the standard issue conservative, the Clinton years were a golden age. Clinton started no pointless wars of choice on behalf of unnamed people working for an unnamed country. Inflation adjusted per capita spending was flat for the first time in forever. The deficit declined and there were a few years in which there was a budget surplus. Clinton even signed off on welfare reform, a long-standing conservative goal going back to the 1960’s.

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The 85’ers, by the Zman

The issues passed old-line, mainstream conservatives by a long time ago. From the Zman at theburningplatform.com:

Lost in the turmoil of the present revolutionary moment is the fact that one side of the political class remains trapped in a strange time warp. Look through the publications of mainstream conservatives and it is as if they stopped publishing new material somewhere in the last decade. They acknowledge that Trump won the White House, but they refuse to see it as anything but a one-off anomaly. There was no reason for it, other than a bug in the code or a one-in-a-million event.

For a while after Trump took office, they carried on with the anti-Trump stuff, but the money from the usual suspects ran out, so they dropped it. The Israel First wing of Conservative Inc. has setup shop at The Dispatch and The Bulwark, sites that cater to an audience that is similarly lost in time. Both sites look like recycled versions of the Weekly Standard circa 1996 or maybe The New Republic in 1986. What’s left of the old conservative coalition looks like a museum exhibit.

A good example is this post from Kevin Williamson. It feels like forever ago when he was considered an edgy writer for the new breed of conservatives. Read his copy and that feeling is obvious. For the last four years immigration has been one of the main topics of conversation in politics. What it is doing to a state like Texas has been a popular example. Yet, in a post about how Texas is becoming California, in terms of its politics, he does not mention immigration once.

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Antifa’s a Laugh Riot – Until It Comes For You, by Ann Coulter

Execrable conservatives haven’t had much to say about rampaging violence, even when conservatives are under attack! From Ann Coulter at anncoulter.com:


I wonder if Milo Yiannopoulos, Ben Shapiro, Charles Murray and Heather Mac Donald are reacting to these antifa riots the same way I am.

I mean, not that any one of us would enjoy the sight of reporters being trapped, chased through the streets and physically assaulted by antifa goons. Or liberal Democrats having to defend their homes with guns in Saint Louis, MO. Or the president hiding in the White House bunker as antifa lays waste to Lafayette Park. Or the mayor of Seattle WA, finally shutting down the CHAZ “summer of love” when the mob came to her house.

They’re all “peaceful protesters” — until they come near you.

Imagine that instead of being a president, mayor or reporter in the vicinity of mentally unbalanced, historically illiterate, thuggishly violent lunatics … imagine that you, personally, are the window they want to smash.

Now you know what it’s like to be a conservative trying to give a speech on a college campus today. (Thanks for all the help, guys!)

Neither the conservative media nor elected Republicans gave a crap about the left-wing paramilitary force that’s been mobilizing since Trump’s election.

Through it all, conservatives stuck their heads in the sand and rationalized insane liberal violence. It was the path of least resistance — and also a smart business move. Cowards could pitch themselves as the “reasonable” ones, then sit back and watch as their more popular conservative competitors were deplatformed, shadow-banned and outright canceled.

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