Californians Flock To Texas As Corporations Seek Cheaper Pastures, by Tyler Durden

For many businesses in California, moving to Texas has become a no-brainer. From Tyler durden at

Around 700,000 people left California last year, with more than 10% moving to Texas.

According to a new report by Yardi Systems, over 86,000 people abandoned the Golden State. In terms new Texas residents overall, ex-Californians constituted around 15%, according to the Dallas Morning News.

The influx of Californians should come as no surprise, as businesses have been migrating out of the high-tax, high-crime, heavily regulated statefor cheaper pastures.

Chairman and founder Charles Schwab noted that one of the drivers behind the move from California was that “the costs of doing business here are so much higher than some other place.”

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3 responses to “Californians Flock To Texas As Corporations Seek Cheaper Pastures, by Tyler Durden

  1. “Around 700,000 people left California last year, with more than 10% moving to Texas.”
    Of the 70,000+ coming to Texas, I wonder how many are democrats–>increasing the chance of turning the state from red–>blue.


  2. One quote has 70,000 “Californians” (the vast majority of whom are not, and never were, but we’ll leave that point momentarily); the awkward paragraph’s next quote has 12,900 (15% of 86,000), unless it was aiming at stating that ex-Californians were 15% of all new Texas arrivals, a number shrouded in vagueness.

    So Point One, the minor one, would be to figure out WTF number we’re aiming at, if you’re seeking some precision beyond vague statements that “a lotta people are going to Texas from Califrutopia”, which conveys close to zero actual and useable information.

    Point Two, the far greater one, is that most of the people leaving CA are geographical gypsies, and have been their entire adult lives. Having no investment in where they came from they plundered and moved on to greener pastures, exactly as they’ll do at their next point of alighting.

    That prospect, far more than where they landed and plundered last, should scare hell out anyone in Texas.

    They weren’t native Californians, people who carved an oasis out of a desert, built the ships and planes of WWII, entertained the world with world-class stories and music, or feed the world annually from their surplus. And, incidentally, voted solid Republican for most of a century.

    Texans aren’t getting them for neighbors.

    They’re getting the detritus from everywhere from Pigknuckle to NYFC, the second- and third-raters who couldn’t survive in the corrupt scumpolii of the East and Midwest, the ne’er-do-wells whose parents stuck it out in the dustbowl or Appalachia or the deep South until long after all the good jobs were gone, and then only moved to Californy after the welfare hammock there made the trip worthwhile, have now sucked it dry, and have chosen a new clueless rube to rob and loot before the husk here collapses from its own weight.

    One might be forgiven for having thought Texas would have learned its lesson in Houston after Katrina, but there’s always one bozo who has to grab the hot stove two times to catch on.

    Tag, Texas; you’re it.

    You’ll be getting the illegal aliens too shiftless to work here, the ones not quite bright enough to climb the cartel hierarchy, the white trash and Diversity Beans who’ve timed out their welfare benefits, and the proud younger diplomats from the 49th-ranking educational system in the country.

    The ones who voted in Gray Davis, who bankrupted the state by buying its own power back from Enron at 4 times the market price, then became the first CA governor to get recalled in 100 years; the ones who thought Moonbeam Brown hadn’t done enough damage to CA in his first two horrible terms back in the ’80s, and gave him two more, those who voted for Clinton and Obozo and Shrillary, and then gave us Gabbin’ Nuisance as a follow-up to Moonbeam, now finally termed out in his dottage, all while saddling the entire country with Barbara Boxer, the stupidest senator in the country for pretty much her entire term of service, gun-grabbing Sen. Fineswine, and Speaker Nancy Alzheimers, not once, but now twice, because the first time didn’t screw the country up hard enough.

    You’re getting their voters. To him who has ears to hear, let him listen.

    Look real hard at where Davis, and Pelosi, and Boxer are from (Google it, I triple dog-dare you); that’s who voted for them here, too, and that’s who’s moving to Texas, by demographic inevitability. And hey, Texicans, check out your southern counties, and note how your entire state is purpling up nicely, and due to flip (D) forever inside of 20 years, and then tell yourselves you’ll be different, and “it can’t happen here”.

    I forward Texas sincere best wishes dealing with that locust storm, but no matter how I say it, it still comes over as the English translation of a Chinese curse: “May you live in interesting times.” You’re going to do just that; no doubt. And you’re going to get what your governors have been recruiting for, good and hard. Based purely on a lifetime’s eyewitness observation, let me assure you it will not be anything like what you’d hoped for.


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