Consequences: The Cure Is Worse Than the Disease (21)

Sweet Tomatoes Closes For Good

The great potato giveaway: U.S. farmers hand out spuds to avoid waste

Pandemic sets Japan on course for deep recession as spending, services plunge

The same number of people could die from ‘deaths of despair’ as have already died in the U.S. from coronavirus, new study finds

Worst Jobs Report In History: 20.5 Million Jobs Lost As Unemployment Rate Hits Record 14.7% | Zero Hedge

52% Of Small Businesses “Expect To Be Out Of Business Within Six Months”; Shocking New Survey | Zero Hedge

Automakers In Chaos As Broke Rental Car Companies Stop Placing Orders For Vehicles | Zero Hedge

Professor: Economic Impact Of Lockdown Will Cause More Deaths Than COVID-19 | Zero Hedge

“Everything Has Been Cancelled”: Class 8 Heavy Duty Truck Orders Crash To 25 Year Low In April | Zero Hedge

Desperate Auto Dealers Betting Big On Discounts To Help Move Inventory | Zero Hedge

Texas’ Anti-Climactic Reopening: Malls & Restaurants Empty, Beaches & Parks Packed | Zero Hedge

Record Plunge In Service Sector “Business Activity” Points To Profits Crash | Zero Hedge

Jailed Salon Owner Freed By TX Supreme Court; Rakes In $500K From GoFundMe Donations | Zero Hedge

US Consumer Credit Unexpectedly Crashes As Americans Repay A Record Amount Of Credit Card Debt | Zero Hedge

Sysco Warns Of “Unprecedented Times” As COVID Crushes Restaurants | Zero Hedge

Mortgage Lenders Tighten Screws on U.S. Credit in Echo of 2008

Alabama cop caught on video body-slamming maskless woman in Walmart

Coronavirus Pennsylvania: Gov. Wolf Extends Stay-At-Home Order In Philadelphia Region Through June 4 – CBS Philly

Images Show Armadas Of Vacant Cruise Ships Huddling Together Out At Sea – The Drive


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