From RussiaGate to ObamaGate and the End of Boomerville, by Tom Luongo

Barack Obama was pulling the strings on the Russiagate investigation. From Tom Luongo at

From the beginning of the story RussiaGate was always about Barack Obama. I didn’t always see it that way, certainly. My seething hatred for all things Hillary Clinton is a powerful blind spot I admit to freely.

But, it’s clear that Obama was always the vector through which the entire investigation into Donald Trump pointed. He’s the only one with the power to have marshaled the forces arrayed against Trump for the past four years.

We’ve known this for a couple of years now but there were a seemingly endless series of distractions put in place to obfuscate the truth.

Donald Trump was not a Russian agent.

What’s clear now is the President Obama’s administration was regularly engaged in illegally using NSA database access to spy on Americans and political opponents. This operation pre-dates Trump by a few years.

It was de rigeur by the time the election cycle ramped up in 2016. The timing of events is during that time period paints a very damning picture. This article from Zerohedge by way of Conservative Treehouse lays out the timing, the activities and the shifts in the narrative that implicate Obama beyond any doubt.

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2 responses to “From RussiaGate to ObamaGate and the End of Boomerville, by Tom Luongo

  1. And “IF” Obama and his underlings should fall/be really crippled, how long B4 Obama’s overlings reconstruct the necessary apparatus to get back on track assuming Trump wins in 2020? By 2028? And if Trump loses in 2020?


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