Get Flynn – Part 2, by Skinny

A detailed examination of the plot to railroad Michael Flynn and depose President Trump. From Skinny at

In part 1 I looked at the background of the Mike Flynn case and why Obama wanted him nailed.  This picks up with the deep state efforts to entrap Flynn.

Mary McCord was the Principal Deputy Assistant General for the National Security Division (NSD).  Its quite the trick.  You combine education, law enforcement, administration, military, and security (not to mention a parenthetical) all in one attorney.  With a title like that, it’s easy to look down one’s nose at someone like Trump.  What’s he like the President-elect or something?  Big deal.

Mary was recruited into the Get Flynn conspiracy by FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe on January 3rd.  It turns out Mary was a stickler for taking notes but her ability to recall the meaning of those notes is somewhat lacking.  Throughout her July 17, 2017 interview with the Special Counsel’s Office we learn that “McCord could not recall,” or “McCord didn’t recall” the meaning of her notes.  We also learn that McCord learned about the existence of the Logan Act, from Bob Litt, an attorney at the Office of Director of National Intelligence (ODNI).  That’s the deep state bureau run at the time by the unintelligent James Clapper.  Anyway, Mary made a note to look it up.  Once she did, she discovered the act was signed into law by John Adams in 1799.  She would also discover that in the laws 217 years of existence no one would ever be convicted of violating it.  No matter, when the President tells you to Get Flynn you get him any way you can.

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