They’re Planning Your Future Without Your Consent, by Gary G. Kohls, MD

A disturbing thought: we probably haven’t seen the worst of the effort to destroy our liberties, the worst is yet to come. From Gary G. Kohls at

Our future – and how livable will be our existence – is being planned without our consent.

(One might say that the temperature of the “Boiling Frog” Soup that many of us haven’t jumped out of yet is approaching 100 degrees Celsius.)

Four important signs of the Brave New World that is up ahead. It is approaching more quickly than anybody without insider information has anticipated.

1] First is a brilliant bit of comedy/satire (2 minutes long) from comedian Kevin James that is a MUST WATCH video for anybody that is affected by the planned over-reaction to the COVID “epidemic” (which means everybody). Be sure to read the comments.

2]  Secondly, but actually more importantly, watch the James Corbett series about Bill Gates, the most influential entity behind the plan to vaccinate everybody with one or more of the dozens of early experimental vaccines that haven’t yet even been designed, much less honestly tested for safety or efficacy on animals, on humans, on the elderly, on children, on infants,  etc.!!

Start with episode 4 which is only a half-hour long, but arguably the most important half-hour of your future, if you have one, that is. To watch any of the episodes for free  – go here).

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