The Emergency Is Real, by the staff at the American Institute for Economic Research

The emergency is not Covid-19, but the official and media response to it. From

With astonishing fury and in only a few months, we watched in shock as many of America’s underlying problems have boiled over in ways that have done terrible injury to this country’s liberty, prosperity, stability, and social peace.

It’s a dreadful litany: the rise of political extremism on the left and right, the toppling of statues of George Washington, an insanely partisan press, a president who has warmed to exercising dictatorial power over trade and immigration (and claiming to have saved 4 million lives by locking down the country), a Congress that is dropping trillions like it grows on trees, and a Fed that is newly involved in financial markets to an extent it has never been in its history.

The onslaught has sown vast public confusion about the way forward. Some people talk socialism. Others talk about crackdown, law, and order. Each side of the political divide wants the other crushed mercilessly, as if no society can exist with a tolerance toward different points of view. You would think, by watching all of this unfold, that this country never had an experience with a workable system of freedom and rights for everyone. And yet that is precisely the great contribution that America has made to world history: to demonstrate that freedom, tolerance, limited government, and federalism work in practice.

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