‘Defund the police’ just means ‘I’m rich’, by Karol Markowicz

Ask any non-criminal living in a high-crime district if she thinks defunding the police is a good idea. From Karol Markowicz at spectator.us:

Wealthy white liberals don’t suffer the consequences of their fringe ideologies


Walk along the leafy streets of any neighborhood in so-called ‘brownstone Brooklyn’, Park Slope, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn Heights, and you’ll see ‘Defund the Police’ in many a home window. Owners of $3 million dollar brownstones proudly proclaim their agreement with a fringe policy, designed to remove resources from police squads, as a solution to police violence. How exactly less funding for police will result in better policing is unclear, but virtue signaling of the kind that has rich people pushing for fewer resources for poor people doesn’t get tangled up in the details.

The details are specifically grim. The New York Post reported on Monday that ‘between Monday, June 29, and Sunday, July 5, the city saw 74 shooting incidents with 101 victims’. Those numbers are more than tripled from the same period in 2019.

But the city is largely not gripped in terror. The rise in homelessness and general lawlessness had been a frequent topic of conversation over the last year. The shootings are contained to only a few neighborhoods and the pain is not spread evenly among the residents of the city. And the left has to mostly ignore the crime rate lest their ‘Defund the Police’ pledge starts to look like cruelty.

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