Return of the Archons, by Eric Peters

Once upon a time people were free to assume risks if they wanted to, and they had no recourse if things didn’t work out. From Eric Peters at

When one joins a gym one generally signs a waiver of responsibility document that says you agree it’s not the gym’s fault if you have a heart attack while working out – and so on.

Basically, you agree to assume the risk of working out there in exchange for being able to work out there.

If you do have a heart attack, it’s a tragedy. But the gym doesn’t get the bill – and none of the other members are required to submit to a cardiovascular exam before being allowed to hit the weights. Everyone isn’t presumed to be a heart-attack-in-the-making. Everyone is presumed to be healthy – and treated accordingly.

Another example that was once common was the sign at a pool that read: No Lifeguard on Duty – Swim at Your Own Risk.

And people did.

Why can’t they again – so to speak?

At gyms – at bars and restaurants. Everywhere.

Worried you might get sick? Then don’t go inside. Worried someone else might get sick? That’s their business.

Mind your own.

No one’s forcing you to work out or eat or shop among the unDiapered. And the Undiapered aren’t forcing you to take off your Diaper, either.

Those who go inside agree – on the record – that they’re not worried about getting sick and that they’re willing to assume the risk of working out or eating or having a cup of coffee with friends, unDiapered.

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