Doctor Short Stuff and Madam Scarf, by Real Estate Pup

It’s nice to read something from somebody who is happy and well-adjusted, both rarities these days. From Real Estate Pup at

I still can’t wrap my head around their convoluted logic. If you think wearing a mask is good for you, then do it. If I don’t wear one, and you want to wear one, then what is the problem? If you are truly, truly convinced that mask help “stop the spread” (utter BS) and you have your mask on, then shouldn’t you be OK? Isn’t your safety you are concerned about? Because I seriously do not, will not, nay CANNOT believe it’s about MY SAFETY. The only people who care about my safety is me, my mother, and most times my dad. If a stranger says it, it’s a lie. They know it, and I know it. Extrapolate that out into the “government” which encompasses people who have never met me, been to my house, eaten a meal with me, then that, ladies and gentlemen, is mendacity on an epic scale.

Of course it’s the never-ending BS like being “polite” (not my problem or job), making others feel “safe” (also not my problem), or “following the law” (not a law, nice try), “for the children” (that’s rich) or “not wanting to kill old people” (last time I checked I never killed anyone, but lord give me strength I fight the urge daily in these the most craziest of times). I feel like that last one makes me seem like Brad Pitt in Inglorious Bastards…but now we are just running around without masks breathing on senior citizens all thug-life.

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