The Back Of The Hand, by the Zman

A fair amount of the time those who pursue trendy political causes are looking for attention from their ostensible enemies. From the Zman at

Establishment types were clucking about the news of Andrew Sullivan leaving his post at NY Magazine. He wrote a typically long winded farewell column, stating that he was being pushed out by the new woke rabble. Whether or not that is true is hard to know, as Sullivan is prone to exaggeration and hysteria, but it was accepted as true by so-called conservatives and the “old style” liberals. It was another ominous sign that the woke revolution is consolidating power.

The details of his case are not all that important, as it lines up with other incidents involving less creative story tellers. The New York Times has been dealing with a public revolt by the woke young staffers. These are mostly emotional young women of various flavors, who start sobbing whenever they hear a discouraging word. Collectively they become a storm of shrieking harpies that manages to get its way. These tantrums are now being spun as the new ideological revolution.

The incident itself offers some insight into how left-wing politics has evolved over the last decade. Sullivan is a competent and productive writer, but his insights are just banal liberal boilerplate. His act was always derivative. He is a reboot of Truman Capote or maybe the literary Liberace. He is a professional homosexual, who says harsh things about normal Americans, but in a flamboyant and flippant style. The establishment subversive always puts style over substance.

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