Princeton’s Racism Problem, by Thomas DiLorenzo

The pretzel logic that passes for thought even in the Ivy League. From Thomas DiLorenzo at

On July 4th some three hundred faculty, staff, and alumni of Princeton University sent a signed letter to the university president, the provost, the deans, vice president for campus life, and the Princeton cabinet essentially condemning the entire institution of being irredeemably racist and white supremacist. The signatories of the letter claim to speak for the “people of color” on the campus. “Anti-Blackness is foundational to America,” the first sentence of the letter declared, and “plays a powerful role at institutions like Princeton . . .” “Anti-Black racism” is said to “continue to thrive on campus,” said the privileged, pampered, and over-payed Ivy League professors and administrators.

If this is true, one wonders why on earth any black parents would even consider sending their children to such a racist hellhole. Or why a black academic would want to work there when there are so many other colleges and universities that would be more welcoming.

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