Trump Should Take A Page From Abe Lincoln, by Paul Craig Roberts

Those screaming about Trump violating their civil liberties by sending in federal officials to cities should take a look at what icon Abraham Lincoln did to civil liberties. From Paul Craig Roberts at

A white liberal Democrat District Attorney in Philadelphia named Larry Krasner says he will arrest the federal agents sent to Philadelphia by President Trump to protect the life, limb, and property of citizens that Krasner refuses to protect.  According to the white liberal Democrat Krasner, looting and property damage are “peaceful protests.”  A number of other state and local Democrat officials and, of course, the presstitute American media, have taken the same position. In Portland, Oregon, for example, it is “totalitarian” for President Trump to use federal agents to protect the United States Court building from being burned down by “peaceful protesters.”

Democrats have defined a defense of life and property against violent looters as an “attack on our deepest constitutional principles.”  In other words the Democrats’ definition of the right to protest includes looting and property damage, which they say are constitutionally protected rights.

A former Democrat Solicitor General, Neal Katyal, maintains, falsely, that the President of the United States cannot send federal agents to protect federal property in a state without approval of Congress.  Katyal calls the federal agents “thugs” and accuses Trump of leading a fascist “rebellion against our deepest constitutional principles.”

A U.S. District Judge Michael H. Simon issued a restraining order to prevent federal police from evicting journalists from areas they close as they contain riots. The dumbshit judge has no law to cite that permits him to prohibit police from controlling riots.

White liberal Democrat Oregon attorney general Ellen Rosenbaum brought a lawsuit against federal police for interfering with Oregon’s “sovereign right” to protect “people within its own borders from kidnap and false arrest.” It is laughable that we now see modern-era Democrats, advocates since President Franklin D. Roosevelt of centralized power in Washington, appealing to the long dead 10th Amendment of state’s rights.

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