How They Stole the Election, by Vasko Kohlmayer

It’s not even all that difficult to figure out how the Democrats cheated. From Vasko Kohlmayer at

By 10 pm eastern standard time, November 3rd, it was apparent that Donald Trump was cruising toward a comfortable victory in the Electoral College. With Florida and Texas having gone his way, he was posting good leads in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois and Ohio. His path to victory seemed all but assured, and the Trump campaign was preparing for a victory speech and celebration. But then something strange began happening. Count updates from key swing states became irregular and sporadic and then ceased altogether. One after another, they announced that counting would be suspended overnight.

When new updates arrived by mid-morning the next day, Trump’s margins everywhere had – as if by magic – largely evaporated. As counting continued into the days that followed, Trump’s lead would disappear altogether, and he was overtaken in all crucial states.

One cannot but feel that what we witnessed last week was a coordinated election fraud on a large scale. There are some important questions that must be asked.

Why, for example, was counting suddenly suspended in multiple states – all of which were battlegrounds where Trump was ahead – nearly simultaneously? This had never happened before in modern American history. In presidential contests, it is extremely rare for a state to suspend counting before the winner is known. For several states to do this in unison is unheard of. What normally happens is that each state continues its count without interruption at least to the point where the presidential winner in that state is determined. This is done by going through a sufficiently high proportion of the ballots to establish with adequate certainty who comes out on top. This is why in the last hundred years we knew the presidential winner either on the night of the election day or in the morning of the next day. The one notable exception was the 2000 Bush-Gore contest when it took weeks to determine who the winner of Florida was. But the problem there was not a delay in counting, but a controversy over a technical issue with the voting machines.

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