The Media Whores Can’t Keep Their Lies Straight, Paul Craig Roberts

Paul Craig Roberts usually calls legacy media operatives “presstitutes,” but in this article he also uses “media whores.” The former is clever, but the latter has the impact of a direct hit to the jaw. Let’s take a poll among SLL readers. Which do you prefer? Leave your vote in the comments. From Paul Craig Roberts at

Earlier today I demonstrated the laughable and ludicrus mistakes made by a BBC “Reality Check Team” tasked with covering up the Democrat vote fraud in Michigan.  See here:

Now the presstitutes at USA Today have come up with a totally different coverup for the same fraud.

The earlier BBC coverup reported that election officials said they had made a “data entry error.” This error, said to have been  corrected, was the way the BBC explained away a sudden 138,000 votes for Biden in the early hours of the morning when no one was watching.

I blew this lie out of the water. 

So the presstitutes had to find another coverup.

The new coverup lie from USA Today is that there was no “data entry error” and no election officials admitting to one:  According to the USA Today coverup story, the added votes never happened.  Instead, there was “an apparent typo on a lone national media site,” and this typo was picked up by social media and then by President Trump. 

In other words, the USA Today presstitutes are saying that the BBC fact check team is incompetent and unreliable. Why prefer the USA Today’s coverup story over the BBC’s coverup story?

Which coverup story do we believe?  The answer is: Neither.  Both are lies.

The USA Today coverup story says no additional 138,339 votes for Biden suddenly appeared. So what disappeared Trump’s sizable lead.  No Biden votes added but Trump’s lead disappeared.  Magic.

An identical ballot dump for Biden to the one in Michigan also occurred in the early hours of the same morning in Wisconsin, wiping out Trump’s lead.  So far the press prostitutes have not been able to devise a coverup for this second occurance of the same thing. 

So what, media whores, is your coverup story for Wisconsin?  (And for Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Georgia— Georgia officials have announced a recount after acknowledging many irregularities.)  Are the miscounts in Michigan and Wisconsin two data entry errors or two typos picked up by social media or one of each?

Think what it means that the entirety of the US media, allegedly the “watchdogs of democracy,” are openly involved in participating in the theft of a presidential election.

Think what it means that a large number of Democrat public and election officials are openly involved in the theft of a presidential election.

It means that the United States is split irredeemably. The hatred for white people that has been cultivated for many years, portraying white Americans as “systemic racists,” together with the Democrats’ lust for power and money, has destroyed national unity. The consequence will be the replacement of rules with force.

Why do Democrats have any more right to force than Trump?
The Democrat theft of the 2020 Presidential election has split the country far worse than the Morrill Tariff did in March 1861, leading to the secession of the southern states and the invasion of the southern states by the North.

The Red States, that is, the homes of the original ethnic American population, have been demonized by the intellectuals, professors, press prostitutes, and Democrats for four years and longer.  The Real Americans are demonized as “white supremacist racist Trump deplorables.” 

The war against Real Americans will intensify under the Kamala Regime.  Biden’s obvious episodes of mental confusion will cause him to be moved aside. The United States will have as President a leftwing “female of color” who has expressed her hatred of white Americans. Unfortunately for the Real Americans, they are unorganized and Trump is the only leader that they have. 

It is not difficult to imagine that one of the first things the Kamala Regime will do is to get rid of the Second Amendment and then begin arresting Red State gun owners to ensure that Red State Americans have no self-protection.  It is easy to imagine, knowing the hate Democrats, intellectuals, professors, and the media whores have for Red State Americans, that next a virus will be released, a pandemic declared, and Red State America moved into internment camps. Why would a demonic moment that is determined to destroy white statues and monuments, white museums, white history and culture, and “white privilege” not also want to destroy white people?

As US armed forces are made up of Red State Americans, Washington’s ability to prance around the world as a hegemon will disappear.  Russia, China, even Iran would be able to easily defeat the “superpower” in war. 

It would be poetic justice if the consequence of the openly stolen election is the end of Washington’s hegemony.

Regardless, America’s influence has been cancelled by the stolen election. As one European observer has noted, “The United States has to spread democracy by violence, since it sure as hell can’t do so by example.”

One response to “The Media Whores Can’t Keep Their Lies Straight, Paul Craig Roberts

  1. I vote “presstitutes” when calm, and the other when I am more crass and angry.


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