Biden Wins, Results Disputed, Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall, by Martin Sieff

The Democrats who spent four years claiming Russian interference and election fraud are now arguing there’s no such thing as election fraud. It’s going to get even uglier. From Martin Sieff at

The venerable 230-year-old Constitution and Electoral College of the United States have performed their once-every-four-years miracle yet again: They have produced the worst outcome of all possible worlds.

As I write this, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is teetering on the brink of winning the 2020 U.S. presidential election with clear majorities in both the Electoral College and the popular vote – as I predicted would be the case.

However, for the third time in a mere 20 years, that outcome was reached in such a convoluted, contentious and highly dubious way that it will leave the American people more divided than ever. When Biden takes the Oath of Office in January, nearly half the political nation will regard him as an illegitimate ruler.

This is karmic payback for the corrupt and hate-crazed Democrats in the most extraordinary way. As the great 18th century English poet and visionary William Blake liked to say, there is a “fearful symmetry” to it.

For four years, the Democrats repeated claimed that Hillary Clinton was “robbed” of her supposedly rightful victory in the 2016 election, The most paranoid, crazed and ridiculous accusations were thrown against the government of Russia and many of its most prominent officials and citizens alleging bizarre manipulations of the American political system that never occurred.

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