Four Years of Non-Stop Fraud, by Bryce Buchanan

The Democrats and Never Trumpers are topping off four years of fraud with the attempted theft of the 2020 election. From Bryce Buchanan at

We have witnessed four years of non-stop fraud promulgated by the propaganda wing of the Democrat Party, the Mainstream Media.  The fraud we are witnessing in the election results is not a new tactic; it is just the latest example of ongoing Democrat/media corruption.

The Mueller ‘investigation’ was based on lies.  It was known at the start that there was no real evidence of Trump/Russia collusion.  It was known that this story was started by Hillary as a means of distracting attention from her crimes.  It was known that the Steele Dossier was unverified hearsay.  They knew that much of it was Russian disinformation purchased from Russians by Hillary.

That did not stop them from keeping this fraud alive, at great expense, for two years, for the purpose of undermining the President.  The media pretended, and are still pretending, that this evidence-free collusion story is very important news and that it makes Trump a traitor and an illegitimate President.

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