The Great White MOPE of American Politics, by Tom Luongo

Step outside our rulers and would-be rulers narrative management effort and the massive corruption is obvious. From Tom Luongo at

The great gold trader Jim Sinclair used to describe monetary and fiscal policy as MOPE – Management of Perspective Economics.

Central bankers, government officials and media collaborate to create data and policy to generate a pre-determined outcome for their benefit. They are in the ‘reality creation’ business.

And that’s how they maintain some semblance of control over markets. It is a combination mal-educated traders and investment advisers, corporate interests, government corruption actively massaging the data and a media which saturates the airwaves with patent nonsense from ‘experts’ who interpret what everything means for us.

This is the architecture of MOPE.

Unfortunately, each 4 year cycle of lies and money printing invariably ends in a serio-comic repudiation of the whole MOPE strategy as markets spasm and no one can ever tell us why it happened?

They just whitewash idiotic policy decisions, ridicule the trenchant analysis of the critics and move on to the next story.

With headline-scanning high-frequency algorithms they can honestly get away with it far more efficiently than they ever did fifteen years ago.

But it only lasts for so long. Eventually the debt which paid for the MOPE overwhelms the economy and they have to admit the system needs a reboot. We’ve arrived at that moment and they still have to MOPE around denying they have no clue what they’re doing while opposition to their game grows.

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