Market Friday: The Vaccine Race is a Race Against Capital Flight, by Tom Luongo

Russia is attracting capital because of its claimed success in developing a Covid-19 vaccine. From Tom Luongo at

There is no greater story today than the race to get a vaccine for COVID-19 into the hands of as many people as possible. It’s not because the vaccines on order are so effective or that COVID-19 is so deadly.

It is needed because of the perception that COVID-19 is so deadly that a vaccine will provide some form of relief.

That perception is genuine in the minds of those still fearful of the virus.

But that perception is itself a political agenda created to keep enough people fearful of the virus that they will welcome the vaccine. This is simply manufactured demand and it has infected the entire market complex.

This was a race against time to keep the COVID-19 story relevant until they could get a vaccine together to build the next layer of the Great Reset’s foundation.

That’s why perception needed to persist through immense political blackmail engaged in by world leaders and their agents in the media.

This is why now that the election is mostly over, we’ve entered the next phase with endless propagandizing about second waves and huge (and mostly fraudulent) PCR positive test results giving governors cover to issue increasingly strident new lockdown orders in California, New York, Michigan and all over Europe.

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