There’s a reason the media are suddenly reporting on Hunter Biden’s corruption, by Andrea Widburg

Nancy Pelosi let the cat out of the bag with her 25th Amendment ploy: the Democrats are going to get rid of Biden sooner rather than later. From Andrea Widburg at

In the world of Democrat politics, there are no coincidences.  With that principle in mind, it’s possible to understand why Democrat media outlets are suddenly reporting about Hunter Biden’s corruption, a story that spills over onto his father.  The first is to get ahead of potential breaking news about Hunter’s imminent arrest.  The second theory is the one Monica Showalter advanced: the leftists used Biden to attain the White House (or so they believe) and are now ready to get rid of him.  Having a criminal son may be just what the Obama/Harris camp needs to make that happen. And if there’s any doubt about this theory, an article in The New York Times seems to lay it to rest.

We conservatives remember how, in October, the media and the tech tyrants conspired to block any reports about Hunter Biden, whether those reports were the Senate Intelligence Committee’s findings about the $3.5 million Hunter received from the wife of a Russian politician, or the shocking details of political corruption, drug addiction, and sexual debauchery contained on his hard drive.

Well, to ordinary people, these stories were shocking.  To the media and the tech tyrants, these stories were potential dangers to Joe Biden’s candidacy.  They had to be stopped — and stopped they were.  Twitter and Facebook, the two biggest social media tech tyrants, refused to allow any reports to circulate and banned people, including President Trump’s press secretary, from their platforms when they refused to bow down to this censorship.

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