The West That Was, Part 1, by Paul Rosenberg

Not too long ago at all, America was a dramatically different country. From Paul Rosenberg at

America, 1960

A great tragedy of our era is that young people have no feeling of what Western civilization was like. In the government owned and operated schools where they sat for years, they were presented with a litany of the West’s failures, most of them exaggerated, or even imagined.

In this post, and in several that will follow, I’ll be ignoring anti-Western propaganda. To obsess on flaws is dishonest and destructive. The fact that the people of the West have been conditioned to require that viewpoint is not something I’ll indulge. All civilizations have had their failures, and our Western civilization stands out, not as the worst, but as the least bad.

My goal for this series of articles is to give you a deep sense of Western civilization and the cultural assumptions that informed it. I’ll be careful to stay with the truth of each era, but what I want is for you to understand the West that was, down to your bones.

That’s a tall order, of course, especially for short posts, but that’s what I’m going for. And to get the best start possible, I’ll begin in my own time, describing the America of about 1960. To be precise, I’m probably best describing the years 1953-1963; after the Korean war and before the assassination of John Kennedy.

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