Roadmap to a Trump Reelection (Yes, It Is Still Possible), by Robert Bridge

Believe or not, Trump could still win. From Robert Bridge at

By this time it would appear that a Biden-Harris presidency is a foregone conclusion. Despite multiple allegations of election fraud put forward by Trump’s legal team, the Democrat Joe Biden has been officially recognized by the Electoral College as the President-elect. Nevertheless, the Republican incumbent still has a shot at retaining control of the White House, but much depends on the willingness of the courts to look at the evidence, as well as the fortitude and will of his allies.

Before considering the ‘roadmap’ that would allow Donald Trump to seize victory from the jaws of defeat, it is necessary to consider an important question first: are there grounds to suggest that the Nov. 3rd presidential election was riddled with fraud and corruption as many are claiming? The answer here is ‘absolutely’. First, nothing adds up mathematically to support the claim of a Biden victory.

Here are just some of the statistical anomalies that have made pollsters scratch their heads: According to the polling results, Joe Biden received more votes than any other presidential candidate in US history, yet he won just 524 counties nationwide (17 percent). By comparison, Barack Obama won 873 counties in 2008, yet we are told that Biden received more votes than his former boss; Biden’s level of support among Black Americans dropped below 90 percent, which usually spells certain defeat for any Democratic candidate; at the same time, the Democratic candidate enjoyed a massive spike in Black votes in a few cities not known for their high voting standards: Detroit, Philadelphia, and Milwaukee – exactly those cities that were necessary to ensure victory.

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