There Ain’t No Success Like Failure, by Daniel McAdams

It you want people to stand with you, you have to stand for something. Do Republicans stand for anything other than their a tiny bit less Democratic than Democrats? From Daniel McAdams at

Like me you are probably looking over photos of supposed Trump supporters breaching the ramparts and storming the Capitol yesterday. That is if you can find them. To “protect” us from viewing these incredibly “disturbing” scenes, Twitter has helpfully announced that it will severely restrict their distribution across its network. We can all rest easier, I suppose. Though even memory-addled Americans may recall the free-for-all in posting BLM and Antifa violence on Big Tech’s Big Platforms.

“Gee that’s not fair! Twitter is discriminating!”

Conservative politicians and “responsible” Beltway libertarians are wringing their hands over the supposedly horrible optics of people breaking through police lines and violating that Most Holy of Sanctuaries, the Senate Floor! The religion of America is politics and any violation of the sanctity of that Holy Body is to be condemned.

Many of us, myself included, are not concerned about weirdos in buffalo horns occupying that sacred space reserved for Saint Mitch McConnell. “Oh no! It will give CNN something to say about how horrible is the opposition to the incoming robber administration, whose ‘victory’ is doubted even by almost one in five Democrat voters!”

Because absent that, they’d provide balanced coverage.

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