One Circus Is Over as the Next Begins: Hence, Unabated Tyranny Will Continue, by Gary D. Barnett

We’re being tyrannized and it’s going to get worse. From Gary D. Barnett at

“When one with honeyed words but evil mind
Persuades the mob, great woes befall the state.”

~ Euripides, OrestesOrestes (408 BC), l. 907

It is always a worthless endeavor to speak of politics as anything other than a corrupt system meant to fool the people into believing that they have some sort of control over governmental policies, when just the opposite is the case. Government by design is structured as a top down system of class, with the common people always being at the bottom of the hierarchy. There are many ways for the powerful to advance the notion of popular inclusion simply by using deceitful tactics in order present a façade of ‘equality,’ while controlling the masses through fear, dependence, propaganda, and division. All of these are in play simultaneously in this current politically motivated virus fraud that is being used to advance the technocratic takeover of humanity. While this is apparent and undeniable, very few are able to grasp the reality of this situation, as their minds remain clouded in a haze of ignorance, obedience, and irrational madness.

Never in the history of this country have so many been controlled by so few, all with only a modicum of resistance. Even the resistance that is seemingly present is in most cases not real resistance at all, but is the ruling class using staged coups and orchestrated plots in order to bring about further division in the general population through deceptive practices. This has happened several times recently by the government’s enabling of riots, property destruction, looting, and assault in order to pit one against the other while enriching the oligarchic minority in the process. Little is hidden from view, and actually most of this fraud is open and overt, but the expressed hatred among the people today, hatred purposely created, has blinded the public’s perception of truth to such an extent that taking sides against each other is common; thus allowing the powerful to run rampant in their quest to gain total authoritative control over society. Even yesterday in the sewer called Washington DC, much of what was claimed to be crowd violence was obviously planned in advance and staged by nefarious political villains in order to cause enough chaos to affect a particular outcome. It is my opinion, all went exactly as planned, and was intentionally structured so that the desired results could be achieved without much scrutiny.

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