The Stock Market, Fatally Wounded by the Truth, Will Stumble and Crash, by Charles Hugh Smith

Pull the curtain back on the financial system and it’s obvious to all, there’s nothing there. That’s been the case for quite some time. From Charles Hugh Smith at

It didn’t have to be this way, but this is the reality we must now face: truth is fatal to fraud, and our entire financial-political system is a fraud.

The stock market has just been punctured by the thin blades of truth. It is fatally wounded but nobody dares notice. The wounds are barely visible, but the internal damage is mortal. The stock market is already stumbling and will soon crash.

The banquet’s participants ignore the faltering market because the rules are we never reveal the truth, or acknowledge it, or discuss it, no matter how obvious, because truth is fatal to fraud. So the stock market’s vital signs are in freefall but the conversation remains upbeat and light: stimulus, rapid growth in the second half, etc., all the patter of a carefully constructed illusion that fraud is forever as long as the truth never comes out.

Alas, the truth has emerged from the shadows, despite the silence of the insiders and the financial media. Here are the truths that have emerged like karmic genies:

1. The stock market is nothing but one giant fraud. The entire market is corrupt and rigged from the ground up. The fraud is systemic, designed into every tendril of the market. It was a useful deception to blame it all on “bad players,” but now the truth has been revealed: the market is nothing but a rigged game enriching insiders.

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One response to “The Stock Market, Fatally Wounded by the Truth, Will Stumble and Crash, by Charles Hugh Smith

  1. Wonder why there is a massive fence and armed guards surrounding the white house? Did a bunch of “little guys” really suddenly discovered a way to break big bad wall street? And then they coordinated it all without being foiled?

    Will the economy collapse because of years of theft and manipulation by the banksters and deep state or because of some individuals that got inventive with their stimulus checks? Hhmm?

    Side note – Dig the bluebird and f links….


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