Diaper Report 2/5/21, by Eric Peters

Eric Peters detects isolated outbreaks of sanity. From Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

Some good news to report from the Undiapered Underground. Live – and let live is beginning to reassert itself in pockets around the country.

A sign of this being the sign on the door of a local business – which I will not name because of the possibility that an outraged Sickness Psychotic might make it their business to engage in none-of-their-business.

The sign reads: Everyone Welcome.

And, below the bold-faced type: If you do not want to wear a mask you are still WELCOME HERE. Due to HIPAA and the Fourth Amendment, we cannot ask why you are not wearing masks.

Can you conceive of it? No Papal Bull affixed to the door requiring the effacing of the face for the sake of the Faith, the store not being a church as well as a place that people are free to not enter, if the sight of apostasy troubles them.

There being other stores that cater to the Faithful, which they are also free to enter.

Is this not how it ought to be in a country allegedly free and without a state church that everyone must pay homage to?

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