The Stock Market Is Broken, Now for All to See, by Wolf Richter

The stock market seems like a great place from which to stay away right now, for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is because it’s a rigged game. From Wolf Richter at

The historic short squeeze, engineered by a bunch of deeply cynical small traders, exposed just how rigged the market has been.

It has finally blown into the open for all to see. The stock market has been broken for a while, for a long time, actually. The idea that the stock market is where price discovery takes place on a rational transparent basis, with ups and downs, and some amount of chaos, but free of rampant manipulations – that idea has now totally imploded.

What has been visible for a long time but now blew into the open is just how manipulated the market is, by all sides, how overleveraged the big players are because the Fed encouraged them to, and how enormous the risks are, and how crazy the trading strategies are.

And the stock market soared to record out-of-whack valuations, in a terrible economy where at least 10 million people have lost their jobs and are still out of work, and where entire industries have gotten crushed. The whole thing is propped up by stimulus and bailout payments to consumers and companies alike.

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2 responses to “The Stock Market Is Broken, Now for All to See, by Wolf Richter

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  2. Stock market was rigged during Obama. And yet those on the Trump train seemed oblivious to the facts, and held it up and believed in it the whole time?
    Markets gained during “worst pandemic ever” They gained no matter what was going on , or what was being spewed.
    Now that Biden is “in charge” people suddenly begin to question?
    So possibly the era of false hope is gone? No probably not.


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