Minneapolis Quietly Spends Millions To Hire More Cops Amid Ongoing “Defund Police” Campaign, by Tyler Durden

Minneapolis government is quietly slithering away from defunding the police as crime rates skyrocket and cops quit. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

t seems like just yesterday that the Minneapolis PD (along with city leadership) were abandoning the city’s third precinct to a chaotic mob assembled in the aftermath of the killing of George Floyd.

Not even nine months later – has led to a surge in violent crime as the city struggles from its largest wave of defections in history.

Who could have seen that coming?

While hundreds of thousands of Minneapolis residents have been left to struggle with the consequences, the city’s police department is quietly rushing to hire dozens of new officers (all of whom meet new conduct standards devised by the department and city leadership). City leadership has voted to spend $6.4MM on a “recruiting campaign” to hire new officers, after the city’s “available for service” headcount plummeted to 638 officers “available”, roughly 200 short of the average headcount from before the riots, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports.

Even though three members of the city council voted to defund the department in the aftermath of last year’s unrest, the council quietly, and unanimously, approved the money requested by the department.

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