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Minneapolis Quietly Spends Millions To Hire More Cops Amid Ongoing “Defund Police” Campaign, by Tyler Durden

Minneapolis government is quietly slithering away from defunding the police as crime rates skyrocket and cops quit. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

t seems like just yesterday that the Minneapolis PD (along with city leadership) were abandoning the city’s third precinct to a chaotic mob assembled in the aftermath of the killing of George Floyd.

Not even nine months later – has led to a surge in violent crime as the city struggles from its largest wave of defections in history.

Who could have seen that coming?

While hundreds of thousands of Minneapolis residents have been left to struggle with the consequences, the city’s police department is quietly rushing to hire dozens of new officers (all of whom meet new conduct standards devised by the department and city leadership). City leadership has voted to spend $6.4MM on a “recruiting campaign” to hire new officers, after the city’s “available for service” headcount plummeted to 638 officers “available”, roughly 200 short of the average headcount from before the riots, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports.

Even though three members of the city council voted to defund the department in the aftermath of last year’s unrest, the council quietly, and unanimously, approved the money requested by the department.

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Progressive Policies Wreck Everything, by John Stossel

Theft has never been a basis of progress, even when the government is doing the taking and it’s for a “good cause.” From John Stossel at townhall.com:

I laughed when I saw The Washington Postheadline: “Minneapolis had progressive policies, but its economy still left black families behind.”

The media are so clueless. Instead of “but,” the headline should have said, “therefore,” or “so, obviously.”

Of course, progressive policies failed! They almost always do.

“If you wanted a poster child for the progressive movement, it would be Minneapolis,” says Republican Minnesota Senate candidate Jason Lewis in my new video. “This is the same city council that voted to abolish the police department.”

The council, which has no Republicans, spends taxpayer money on most every progressive idea.

They brag that they recycle most everything. They have a plan to stop climate change. They tell landlords to whom they must rent. They will force employers to pay every worker $15 an hour. They even tell supermarkets what cereal they must sell.

Despite such policies, meant to improve life for minorities and the poor, the Minneapolis income gap between whites and Blacks is the second-highest in the country.

While that surprises the media, it’s no surprise to Lewis, who points out, “When you take away the incentive for work and savings and investment, you get less of it!”

Exactly. When the government sends checks to people who don’t work, more people don’t work. Guarantees like a high minimum wage raise the cost of potential workers, so some never get hired. High taxes to fund progressives’ programs make it difficult for businesses to open in the first place.

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Minneapolis Manufacturing Company Torched In Riots To Leave City, by Tyler Durden

A company whose factory burned down while firefighters watched has decided that Minneapolis doesn’t value its business. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

A Minneapolis manufacturing company will be relocating after law enforcement and firefighters were unable to prevent rioters from setting fire to the building, according to the owner of 7-Sigma Inc., Kris Wyrobek.

“They just don’t care about my business,” said Wyrobek, who’s been operating in south Minneapolis since 1987 according to the StarTribune. “They didn’t protect our people. We were all on our own.”

The move will cost the city about 50 jobs.

Wyrobek said the plant, which usually operates until 11 p.m., shut down about four hours early on the first night of the riots because he wanted to keep his workers out of harm’s way. He said a production supervisor and a maintenance worker who live in the neighborhood became alarmed when fire broke out at the $30 million Midtown Corner affordable housing apartment complex that was under construction next door.

The fire engine was just sitting there,” Wyrobek said, “but they wouldn’t do anything.” –StarTribune

Gov. Tim Walz, who called the city’s response to the riots an “abject failure,” ordered the National Guard into Minneapolis to restore order following a request by Mayor Jacob Frey – who admitted he’s broken.

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Assaulted and Vilified, the Cops Save the Cities, by Patrick J. Buchanan

Like it or not, the police are law abiding people’s first line of defense against criminals. From Patrick J. Buchanan at buchanan.org:

On the fifth night of rioting, looting and arson in Minneapolis, the criminal elements were driven from the streets.

By whom? By the same cops who had been the constant objects of media derision and mob hatred.

Without the thin blue line, far larger sectors of dozens of America’s cities would be in ruins, burned to the ground by the mobs that showered police and their vehicles with rocks, bricks, bottles, Molotov cocktails and any debris that could be thrown at them.

Because they were the first responders in these riots, the cops were the first targets of criminal assault and the last line of defense of the law-abiding.

Wherever they had to draw back or pull back, anarchy ensued.

Consider the decision of Mayor Jacob Frey and Police Chief Medaria Arradondo to surrender and abandon the 3rd Precinct. As police cars pulled out and the cops fled, the exhilarated rabble invaded, pillaged and burned the precinct.

And America saw, in astonishment, a triumph of anarchy.

One wonders what the world thought as it, too, watched.

Now, consider the political coloration of Minneapolis.

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