The ‘White Supremacist Armed Insurrection’ Lives On, by Jared Taylor

The official story line on the January 6 protest has proven impervious to anything so mundane as facts. From Jared Taylor at

If enough people say something often enough, it becomes “true.” Big media and people at the highest levels of government now accept that the Capitol takeover of January 6 was an “armed insurrection” by “white supremacists.” A few eccentrics wonder how you can have an “insurrection” with no plan and no weapons, but virtually everyone has swallowed the story about “white supremacists.”

As for “insurrection,” even the Republican lawyer Michael van der Veen, who defended Donald Trump in his second impeachment trial, said something MSNBC called “obvious”: “The question before us is not whether there was a violent insurrection of the Capitol. On that point, everyone agrees.” Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin is one of a very small number of politicians who doesn’t. He pointed out that the mob wasn’t armed, and that a three-hour occupation is not an “insurrection.” Media ridiculed him, with an MSNBC contributor writing, “Let’s take a minute to unpack this, because while I tend not to expect much from Ron Johnson, this is extraordinary, even for him.”

An indignant CNN articled listed the “arms” the “insurrectionists” used: “a baseball bat, a fire extinguisher, a wooden club, a spear, crutches, a flagpole, bear spray, mace, chemical irritants, stolen police shields, a wooden beam, a hockey stick, a stun gun, and knives.” Not even comic-opera coup-plotters in Upper Volta or Rio Muni would try to overthrow a government with bear spray and pocket knives.

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