Nazi Healthcare Revived Across the Five Eyes: Killing Useless Eaters and Biden’s COVID Relief Bill, by Matthew Ehret

We’re moving closer and closer to a system where certain people are “encouraged” to die with all sorts of high-sounding justifications. From Matthew Ehret at

The individual most responsible for reviving Obamacare and the associated “Independent Payment Advisory Board” of cost-effectiveness “experts” under Joe Biden is the same figure who crafted the original Affordable Care Act in 2009.

“The ill-conceived `love of thy neighbor’ has to disappear, especially in relation to inferior or asocial creatures. It is the supreme duty of a national state to grant life and livelihood only to the healthy and hereditarily sound portion of the people in order to secure the maintenance of a hereditarily sound and racially pure folk for all eternity…”

– Dr. Arthur Guett, Nazi Director of Public Health, 1935

The words spoken by Dr. Guett 85 years ago should send shivers down the spine of anyone following the radical transformations of healthcare policy now underway within the Five Eyes zone of influence.

“As many people are now aware, embedded within the $1.9 trillion COVID relief package is a $40 billion program to revive and expand the corpse of Obama Care’s enrollment protocols and the worst aspects of State directed medical resource allocation for the most vulnerable (and financially burdensome) of society. While few details have been unveiled beyond a mass expansion of enrollment into the plan on a revived, several red alarms have been raised which began with the appointment of Obama-care architect Ezekiel Emmanuel to Biden’s COVID task force last year and the re-ascendency of hives of cost-cutting behaviorists to positions of power.”

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4 responses to “Nazi Healthcare Revived Across the Five Eyes: Killing Useless Eaters and Biden’s COVID Relief Bill, by Matthew Ehret

  1. Interesting piece.

    Resources ARE scarce, and WILL be rationed … one way, or another. And, yes, a value can be placed on your life; tho it’s not a fixed sum, and will vary according to who you ask.

    As ever, the question becomes, “Who is going to make the decisions?”

    Well, the plain fact is that you cannot both ‘make the decisions’ AND have Socialized Healthcare. If you want ‘other people’ to fund your Healthcare, then you simply must accept that those people will exercise control over the service that you receive. Rightly so.

    That’s how our NHS operates. Everyone has to pay for the consequences of your poor life choices, so ‘everyone’ gets a say in how you live. It makes perfect sense, but it leads to a poisoned Society, in which the supposed Healthcare Provider, also drives Political Policy.

    It’s easy to justify restrictions to your diet, to alcohol, to drugs … and so much more … by simply pointing out that, “If you get sick, it’s me who has to pay.”

    And, in fact, that’s exactly how the game is played. The typical News item begins with, “Last year, it cost the NHS Xbillion pounds, to deal with the consequences of alcohol abuse. Professor Wotsit said that, “We could have spent that money on providing Cancer treatment for your Granny.” You get the idea; emotional manipulation.

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  2. Oh, I forgot to add that abortion is surely a facet of the Euthanasia movement … and it’s hugely popular. So, I would not expect much resistance to further ‘measures’.

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  3. Reblogged this on Citizens.

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  4. That quote by Guett is chilling and so appropriate in the current climate.

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