Texas Leads to Freedom, by Israel Shamir

There are some states fighting off the Biden administration and rescinding lockdowns and mask mandates. Of course, only a few never instituted them in the first place, as a praiseworthy matter of principle. From Israel Shamir at unz.com:

The spider discovered a wasp escaping his gossamer web. He is furious. How dare she? The wasp had been caught, bonded, poisoned. She is ready to be killed and eaten. And all of a sudden she wakes up and tears the spider web. You are a Neanderthal, the enraged spider exclaims, and you will end like the Neanderthals did, dead as a dodo and extinct.

This is what Biden said to the people of Texas who dared to break free from his mask regime. Biden, the King of the Dead and his team were sure the world was under their control; they planned to lead mankind to the Great Reset, to the grim end of Homo Sapiens, to the cruel dystopia of masked slaves ruled by Google algorithms. But the Texans had changed the course of history. They were immediately followed by Mississippi, Iowa, Montana and North Dakota; the states that voted for Trump and freedom.

The populace met this wise and brave decision with elation, the Daily Mail reported:

“Oxford, home of Ole Miss, saw people out in full force, eating at restaurants and shopping at stores… In Florida, Spring Breakers were also abandoning masks as bikini-clad college students flooded onto beaches and crammed into bars in Miami and Fort Lauderdale to kick of their vacation. And in Idaho, a group gathered to burn their masks outside of the statehouse in protest of COVID-19 restrictions after other states this week made the decision to ditch mandates and open back up. A group of children joined their parents, several of whom were armed, as they burned pictures of Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi in the flames, before egged into disposing of their surgical masks into the fire”

Masks Off in Mississippi
Masks Off in Mississippi

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