Kool-Aid Time, by Jeff Thomas

Millions are drinking the Kool-Aid of illogic and irrationality. From Jeff Thomas at internationalman.com:

Recently, the Los Angeles school district introduced a Microsoft-developed COVID tracking app, to allow students to collect data relative to their own COVID testing and that of their fellow students.

In addition to the social implication of students judging each other based upon test results, all data will be reported to health authorities, should they wish to take action.

The app will generate a QR code for each student and staff member, so that each can be regularly monitored.

Superintendent Austin Beutner commented that the code is “Sort of like the golden ticket in ‘Willy Wonka.’ Everyone with this pass can easily get into a school building.”

Of course, this makes no sense whatever. Most schools are not even open in California, due to the strength of the Teachers’ Union’s demands, but if and when schools do open, they will do so with a new paradigm: that all those attending the school can be named and shamed, should their COVID passes not be up to scratch.

A mere decade ago, such an autocratic development would have been big news. The very idea of a school district’s interference in the personal lives of students would have stood out dramatically.

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