Pope Fauci and The Variants, by Eric Peters

Unfounded Covid-19 fear has become a secular religion. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

It sounds like an ’80s synth band but the tune is more like the braying of a defective donkey.

Perhaps you saw the exchange between Pope Fauci and Senator Rand Paul over Mask Wearing Forever, which the Pope of Sickness insists on.

Paul inquired of his Holiness, why dost thou continue to wear thy vestment in view of the fact that thou hast been anointed with the Holy Water (i.e., the “vaccine” – which ostensibly renders the recipient immune from the ‘Rona, else why bother taking it and with it, whatever risk of unknown problems it may cause)?

The Pope’s reply was what one would expect of any religious leader: Just believe. For I saith so.

And, obey.

Rand – playing the part of a latter-day Martin Luther – questioned the Pope about this, demanding to know what evidence could be adduced to substantiate the Holy Assertion that wearing a vestment or two served other than a ritualistic purpose. None was forthcoming.

The Pope  instead resorted to incantations – The Variants! The Variants! – this being the replacement for The Cases! The Cases! – the latter having lost some of its tent show power to wow and cow the Faithful. But wait! While this ‘Rona may have been tamed, a new ‘Rona – several of them, even, could be in the air.

Thus saith the Pope.

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