The ‘Covid’ Plot Will Continue, So How Will Mass Fear Be Reestablished? by Gary D. Barnett

The totalitarian Covid measures cannot be maintained without nonstop fear mongering. From Gary D. Barnett at

All government, in its essence, is a conspiracy against the superior man: it’s one permanent object is to oppress him and cripple him… One of its primary functions is to regiment men by force, to make them as much alike as possible and as dependent upon one another as possible, to search out and combat originality among them.

~ H. L. Mencken, “Prejudices: Third Series (Le Contrat Social)“. Book by H. L. Mencken, 1922.

At this point in time, ‘hope’ seems to be a consuming factor in the minds of many, as more of my correspondence tends to be critical of hearing the truth. Many want to see good news; they desire only positive messages due to small outbreaks of sanity among the herd and a tiring of doom. While this is a normal reaction after 13 months of lockdown hell, it can also be a very dangerous position to take. This conspiracy that has been planned for decades is not going away quickly or quietly, and the end game sought is closer to completion than ever before. With this knowledge, it is not prudent to dismiss reality in favor of the abandonment of truth.

The ‘Covid’ plot will not subside anytime soon, and the controlling few and their government accomplices have a grand agenda that includes taking over the minds and bodies of all humanity, and creating a global governing system that will rely on very centralized technocratic control. In addition, depopulation on a large scale is desired, and in order to achieve that goal, many must be sickened and many must die. While this may seem to be too harsh a reality to fathom, in order to stop this onslaught of tyranny, it is vital to resist and disobey at every level, and it is imperative to continue fighting against our enemy the state until it is made completely impotent.

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7 responses to “The ‘Covid’ Plot Will Continue, So How Will Mass Fear Be Reestablished? by Gary D. Barnett

  1. I am Australian, and if I referred your post to most people I know, they would brush it off and say “It could’n’t happen here”,they don’t see it already has. ,
    We are told there is a shortage of vaccines, This has caused an added sense of urgency in those who believe the vaccine will keep them safe.(?)
    There is a shortage of information in Australia and we need a blogging site like here.



    • I think Australians can access WordPress and set up blogs. Go for it!


        • I’m assuming you can go to and set up a website. If I’m wrong about that then I’m unaware of restrictions on Australians’ access to the internet and just how repressive the Australian government has become. I don’t follow a lot of Australian bloggers, but Caitlin Johnstone ( is Australian, and I have posted many of her articles.


          • Yes, we can set up a blog on, but the majority of people I have spoken to, have never heard of it. I read Caitlin Johnstone’s posts. From memory they feature US content, which is fine because what happens there, predicts our future. I want to find a site that’s not afraid to expose the BS our government sweeps under the rug.


            • I don’t know of any such site, but maybe you could help to set one up.


              • I am an 82year old ‘redneck’ from Aus, and no intellectual, I even had to spellcheck the word! That’s why I want someone with a sound knowledge of
                what makes our country ‘tick’. We don’t have freedom of speech and our posts can be censored by your social media., if I’m not wrong.
                I’m too old to have ‘storm troupers’ knocking on my door, my age group are already marked for disposal. Thanks anyway.


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