Philadelphia’s Fall: A Microcosm of Democrat Devastation, by PF Whalen

Unfortunately, Philadelphia is not an anomaly when it comes to Democratic destruction of major cities. From PF Whalen at

Large American cities, the vast majority of which are run entirely by Democrats, are deteriorating before our eyes; and the phenomenon is not due to the COVID pandemic. New York City is in rapid decay, reverting to its pre-Rudolph Giuliani condition as Mayor Bill DeBlasio is more concerned about wokeness and virtue-signaling than he is about effectively running the city’s government. In San Francisco and Los Angeles, homelessness is out of control, their treasuries are effectively broke, and residents have been fleeing in record numbers. And in Portland, Mayor Ted Wheeler has stood by as riots have been ravaging the city for almost a year now, with empty hotels across the city as tourists stay away in droves.

There are dozens of cities we could examine to illustrate the failure of Democrat policies, but Philadelphia may be the most fascinating to consider. It’s the birthplace of our Republic, but if you’re planning a visit to Independence Hall in the near future and you value your safety, you may want to reconsider. It was the home and final resting place of Betsy Ross, the creator of our Great Flag, but many Philadelphians would apparently rather burn the flag at a Black Lives Matter protest than respect it. And while Philadelphia has long been considered a mecca for those seeking an education (as home to Temple University, Drexel University, and the Ivy League’s University of Pennsylvania, among others), the city’s public school system is in rapid decline.

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