Geopolitics — A Pivotal Meeting — It’s All About The Dollar [06-20-2021], by Austrian Peter

A lot of provocative ideas, information, and links to other materials about the economy, foreign affairs, and Covid medicine. From Austrian Peter at

My colleague at BOOM Finance and Economics posts a weekly editorial Hat Tip: Gerry:

BOOM seeks out the very best information from authoritative sources and strives for consistency in its quality and trustworthiness. In evidence of this, BOOM has developed a loyal readership which includes many of the world’s most senior economists, central bankers, fund managers and academics. We strive to always have good relationships with our readers. If you want a real edge in understanding the complex world of finance and economics, subscribe to BOOM as a Follower on LinkedIn or as a Subscriber (Free) to the BOOM Newspaper at



BOOM’s primary thesis on inflation — Persistent and troublesome high CPI inflation is not coming back in the foreseeable future in the advanced economies because there are just too many dis-inflationary forces in abundance. These include cheap goods from China, Vietnam, India, Cambodia, Africa plus cheap energy, cheap labor, cheap robotics, increased efficiency from computerization of just-in-time supply chains, cheap commodities and aging demographics (more old people than young people).

Also, in the advanced economies, there is no wages growth pressure occurring and those economies are also overwhelmingly services based. Advanced economies increasingly do not manufacture goods, they import them from emerging economies and from China. Many of the advanced economies are based 70 – 80 % upon the provision of services.

So BOOM is in the “higher CPI inflation is transitory” camp which is what the Federal Reserve in Washington DC is saying.

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