Cultural Fire Lines, by Karen Kwiatkowski

Is the woke movement running out of steam? From Karen Kwiatkowski at

Progressives in many ways, Sean Penn and Conan O’Brien now blast totalitarian woke-ism.

Progressive tumescence at the turn of the 20th Century resulted in the 18th Amendment prohibiting the sale of alcohol nationwide for almost 15 years. It is doubtful that progressive marxists could today get a ratified amendment for any aspect of their value system. Progressivism and modern marxism are not linked to any kind of broad-based widely shared philosophy,

The negative effects of alcohol consumption were visible enough to most people, as a gateway to all kinds of sins.  This was an era a hundred years before that of synthetic drugs and the internet, both of which serve similar functions, I suppose.  The real history illustrates that Prohibition, its repeal, as with modern Pharma and the internet, all served the perennial interest of the reigning state rather than the culture of the day.

The philosophies and fears that supported prohibition, beyond state interests, were widely shared across the country at the time.  The same cannot be said for “wokism.”  Wokesters cluster in ivy towers, and hide behind a myriad of keyboards seen mostly by their friends and allies, and to be fair, are also blasted daily into homes and businesses via the US government-funded Ad Council and US government-influenced Hollywood streaming services.

When a fire is burning, as it spreads it either gains fuel or runs out of fuel.  Fire breaks, whether naturally occurring or man-made, shape that fire. Containment is natural and predictable.

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