California Is Experiencing A Crime “Tsunami”, DA Says, by Vanessa Serna

Even though California is decriminalizing a lot of crime, the state is still facing a big upsurge. From Vanessa Serna at The Epoch Times via

California is experiencing a wave of crime despite Gov. Gavin Newsom’s claims of a decrease during the past three decades, officials say.

“You’ve got violent crime off the charts,” Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert told The Epoch Times.

“You’ve got this tsunami of things that are happening. Violent crime, illegal guns, [and] rampant theft.”

On July 21 in Los Angeles, when asked if state policies are making crime worse, Newsom denied the state is seeing a rise in crime.

“The evidence doesn’t back it up. Last three decades we’ve actually seen a significant decline in crime in the state,” Newsom said.

According to a Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) released in 2021, four major cities have witnessed an increase in homicide and car thefts. Los Angeles, Oakland, San Diego, and San Francisco are experiencing such heightened crime despite dropping in violent crime in March 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Data provided by PPIC shows that in 2020, Los Angeles reported a 40 percent homicide increase in comparison to 2019; Oakland reported a 36 percent increase. San Francisco and San Diego both witnessed increases from 41 to 48 percent and 50 percent to 55 percent, respectively.

In January and February 2021, violent crime was 12 percent lower in comparison to the first few months of 2020. PPIC attributed the decrease to fewer robberies and aggravated assaults. Out of the four cities, Oakland was the only one that witnessed an increase in aggravated assaults of about 10 percent.

“There isn’t a person in the state who believes that crime is on the decline,” Rescue California campaign manager Anne Dunsmore told The Epoch Times.

“You have people casually walking out of the stores with stolen items. You have a store clerk who was shot and killed by people who are just going into stores and shoplifting. [Newsom] wants to manipulate numbers to make it look like California is roaring back and crime is on the decline.”

Dunsmore said state policies enforced by Newsom, such as Prop 47, could attribute to heightened crime in the state. Through Prop 47, certain theft and drug possession offenses are marketed as misdemeanors rather than felonies. When passed, previous offenders that were serving sentences for felony offenses became eligible for resentencing.

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