Let’s talk defunding — for the FBI, by Jack Midori

Don’t stop at the FBI, defund the CIA and NSA, too. We’ll never miss these cornerstones of the national security state. From Jack Midori at americanthinker.com:

The Washington Examiner reported last week that the FBI used a tip line while vetting Brett Kavanaugh.  That sounds like another dirty trick that the Democrats were probably behind — but in fact, it’s the Democrats that are upset about it and are demanding answers.

It seems they’re concerned that the FBI may not have thoroughly investigated all tips received, and they want to know why.  The implication seems to be that President Trump may have impeded the investigation of the tips — and if so, they want to know more.  It sounds suspiciously as if they’re looking for more grounds for yet another impeachment.

Is this what passes for crack police work from our “premier law enforcement agency”?  We’re not talking about a ten-year-old cold case in which all the leads have dried up.  Brett Kavanaugh is a well-established legal scholar and judge.  How hard could it be to investigate him?  It’s just a matter of checking his financials and his criminal record and interviewing family and associates.

Is the use of a tip line standard procedure when vetting presidential appointments now?  Was it used in the background check of Merrick Garland when President Asterisk nominated him as attorney general?

This makes one wonder if there’s something nefarious going on here.  As we’ve known since his confirmation, the FBI found nothing incriminating in Justice Kavanaugh’s past.

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